The kid and Teen brigade go campin

  • peggy mad at greg
  • Mitch Going To Hug Nick
  • Connor Staring At The In Underwear Quintuplets
  • Franco Comforting Lisa After What Happened
  • Franco Can't Sleep (But He's Tired)

Sarge fan!: So Lisa, did you bring the marshmallows?

Lisa: Yes.

All the others: Yay! Marshmallows to roast!

Sarge Fan: I brought onions!

Everyone else: EEEWWWW!!

Yippy: I brought cookies!

Everyone but Sarge Fan: Yay!!

Sarge Fan: Any Onion flavored cookies?

Yippy glared at Sarge F.

Prudence: Don't make fun of my sister and her cookies!

Sarge: I only listen to people in the teen brigade, not a kid like you!

Sarge Fan eats all his onions!

Prudence: Since we are camping in Maple Moutain, lets go to Pancakeria!

Cooper: I'll lead the way!

At the Pancakeria.

Prudence: Everyone, lets make pancakes together!

Sasha: I brought a butterscotch and choco whipped cream and chocolate syrup!

Cooper: Great!

Everyone makes their pancakes, waffles, or french toast.

Nick: This is the best french toast we made!

Prudence: Lets make one for Hank but only add blueberries! Sasha you are in charge of grill station with Mindy! Utah and Greg, build station, Nick and Sarge Fan, drinks! Go!

Sasha: Lets add extra blueberry mixing in with pancakes!

Mindy: We both make six!

Sasha: Kay!

Mindy: Last name!

Sasha: Make em raw!

They made 12 raw pancakes with lots of blueberry mix!

Utah: LOts of blueberries!

Greg: Blueberry syrup x5

Sarge Fan: Brought a blueberry juice with ice

Nick: Lets give it to Hank


Wally: I'll take it if you cook them!

Mindy cooked the pancakes and the kids and teens watched Wally eat it all up!

Wally: No more lunch for me today!


Greg: Are you gonna film people in your sleep?

Nick: YES!!!!! >:)

Marty: Lets get some sleep..

Mindy: We need groups!

Robby decides

Robby: Anybody they like.

The kids and teens except for Robby, Mindy, Marty and Clover: Yay!

Everybody gets to bed

Nick: Time for my plan!

Nick starts to go into tents and take pictures of people sleeping

Nick: I'm tired, I'm gonna go back to my tent. (yawn)

The next morning-

Alberto: Where did all these paper pictures and footprints come from

Utah and Tohru: Monsters! THEY HAVE GIANT FOOTSTEPS!!!!

Allan: Seriously, Monsters don't exist and lets identify the pictures.

Peggy: That picture has me in it, While i'm asleep!

The rest of the teen + kid Brigade: These pictures all have us sleeping in them!

Robby: That only means one thing, NICK!

Skyler: You're right, He filmed me while I was asleep!

Greg: Seriously what are you doing up at 5:00 in the morning?

Allan: Nick took sleeping pictures again.

(everyone takes a peek in nick's tent and sees him asleep with a light green bubble coming out of his nose)

The Girls: Yuck



(Greg Laughs Then Nick Does A High Pitch Scream When He Sees A Angry Marty, Alberto and Cooper)

Nick: WATASHI NO ZEN NERIMA-KU NO! (My Goodness In Nerima!)

Ivy: Hey What's The Big Idea?

Peggy: We are going to get revenge on Nick for taking pictures and filming us asleep.

Greg: Don't be silly with my BFF!

Connor and Allan: Sorry. But we have to.

(Greg starts crying)

Cooper: Connor, Allan, do not make my little brother sad! Why do you even have to get revenge on my little brothers BFF?

Allan: He took photos and videos of us sleeping.

Connor: Let's See if you can Beat Me at B-Ball, Haha!

Nick: Ahh!

(Nick runs away)

Mindy: GET HIM!

(Nick Makes it over a bridge while the Others (Excluding Tohru, Mindy, Utah, Peggy, Clover, Allan, Cooper, Greg and Prudence) Then The Kids And Teens Run To Tastyville Were Nick Ran Into The Quintuplets Shed)

Nick: They'll Never Find Me Here

(The Shed Door Opens And The Kids And Teens Almost Grabs Nick Then Nick Runs Into The Spot Household Were The Quintuplets Were In There Underwear Watching TV Without There Shirts On Showing There Chest Hair When The Kids Chased Nick Into The Kitchin And Marty And Alberto Took Off Nick's Helmet And Life Vest And Marty, Cooper, And Alberto Beaten Him Up Then Mitch Rushed In The Spot's Kitchin And Sees Nick Crying Then He Bends Down And Hugs Him)

Mitch: Shhh Shhh It's Ok Nick I'm Here Now

Nick: (Weeping) Mitch I'm So Happy

(The Quintuplets Come Out Of The Living Room In There Underwear Causing Connor To Sweat)


Hugo: You are trespassing


All Fiive Quintuplets: BERTO!!!

(Alberto Starts His Fighting Pose)

All Five Quintuplets: Put Those Dukes Down

(Alberto Puts His Knuckles Behind His Back)

All Five Quintuplets: That'll Do. Now Alberto Alejandro Spot March To That Bedroom You To Cecilia And Rita.

(Lisa Marches With Theme)

Franco: Not You Lisa

(Franco Walks To Lisa And Spanks Her Lightly And Kisses Her On The Fourhead)

Franco: Now Hija Sense I'm Alway's Nice To You And You Didn't Hurt Nick (Gives Her A Mop) You'll Be Helping Me With Chores Tommoroow

Lisa: Ok Papi (That Night Lisa Was Upset From Today And Couldn't Fall Asleep)

Lisa: Papi... Oh Wait He Must Be Fast Asleep And He'll Get Mad If I Wake Him And My Uncles They'll Treat Me As Bad As They Treated Cousins Cecilia, Rita And Berto.

(In The Quadruplets Bedroom Franco Was Wide Awake)

Franco: I Better Go Check On Lisa

(Franco Gets Out Of Bed And Into The Childrens Room)

Franco: Lisa What's Wrong Hija?

Lisa: Oh Sorry Papi Did I Wake You?

Franco: No Hija I Was Wide Awake

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