WARNING!:Some plot parody Treehouse of Horror XVII、Treehouse of Horror XIX、Treehouse of Horror XX annd 1988 year's The Blob.Parody fan must read!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: It was a normal day in Tastyville, The sun was shining, The birds were humming and everybody was eating breakfast.

(At Nick's)

Xandra: Hey Nick! I know what happens if you put slime in a bath.

Nick: What happens?

Xandra: A Blob!

Nick: Come oh!Blob!

(10 Minutes later)



Everyone except Blob:Shoot!

We can't!

Edna:I am strongest if you wanna Dead!(Blob kill she.)

Nick:Another politician who can't keep his promises.

Xandra:Run away!(Jump into a Jeep.)

Roy:Eat lead!(Throw a mayonaise bomb to Blob,but Blob eat Bomb.)

Roy:Holy Shit!

(They come from a Graveyard,The find Radynn and Many other's corpse and their clone.ten seconds later,they became Zombies)


Roy:Die!(kill many zombies,rest zombies run away.)

Blob:Raw!(eat four German)

A German:What did we Germans ever do to deserve this? (A second German man looks disapprovingly back at the other German) (realizing) Oh, right.

(They dissolve in Blob‘s stomach)

Blob:Must eat more fat people.

Doan:Wait!Big Jelly!I give you a Mint Jelly

Blob:You frozen unborn?(start eat Doan.)

Doan:I'd die than I hate(要去恨,母宁死!)

(In Blob’s stomach)

Doan:What did we asian make what(then,he say:"Alright.")

(He dissolve in Blob's stomach.)

Roy:Let’s escape!


(Time lasps,they fly into a junkyard.)

Roy:What the……

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