Kid Brigade Clubhouse Meeting Room

(We Begin At The Kid Brigade Clubhouse Were They Were Having A Meeting)

Greg: Greetings Kids I Called You Here For This Meeting It's Becuses Of Yippy

Yippy: YIPPEE!

Greg: As You All May Know Olga Is Out Of Town To Finally Get Her Hands On Little Eduoardo And Left Gremmie And Prudence Incharge Of Little Yippy

All The Kids: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Greg: But Aparently A-Few Days After Olga Left Gremmie Got Drunk On Monday And Prudence Caught The Shingles On The Same Day And Yippy Does Not Want To Have Her Big Sisters Diseese.

Nick: Well She Can't Stay Home And She Can't Stay With Greg Well Until Our Next Meeting We'll All Figure Out What To Do With Yippy

Eureka House

(Greg Comes In)

Cooper: Hey Bro How'ed The Meeting Went

Greg: Not So Good Coop Your Girlfriend Has The Shingles And Gremmie's Drunked So Yippy Can't Go Home Or Stay With Me

Cooper: Why I Like Yippy

Robby: Me To

Peggy: Me Three

Mary: Me Four

James: Me No

Mary: James Billy Eureka!

Kay House

(Sasha Comes In Running To Her Mother)

Sasha: Mommie

Clair: What's Wrong Babe?

Sasha: Yippy Might Be On Her Own For This Week

Clair: Why What's Wrong?

Sasha: Gremmie's Drunk, Prudence Has The Shingles And Olga's Chasing Little Eduoardo Down

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