(Clover gets addicted to tropical charms and whipped cream, and Cecilia gets addicted to Cut The Rope)

Cecilia: I am on Level 30!

Clover: Who doesn't like tropical charms? (eats tropical charms)

Cecilia: Level 120!

Clover: Everybody loves whipped cream! (sprays whipped cream into her mouth)

(they both fall into the pool)

Clover: Get a hand of this! (sprays a line of cream on Cecilia's green outfit)

Cecilia: I'm playing Cut The Rope! I'm on Level 300! (they wrestle in the pool)

Clover: Level 300 is the last level!

Cecilia: I just finished Cut The Rope! (they both scream in delight)

(they keep doing this for 3 hours, until Marty and Sue come)

Marty: You couldn't listen to my bet, could you?

Sue: Since you didn't listen to our bet, we will dye both of your hair pink!

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