There was a art contest a giangate high

Mary:You will be  given a piece of paper to draw your art at home

Mary:You can use your laptops to find pictures on the internet to draw and they must be returned and finished by monday and they will be judged and a winner will be picked


Clover put s her hand up

Mary:Yes Clover

Clover:What if its not finished

Mary:It won't be counted in the contest

Mary:You have the weekend to do this

Mary:I don't mind about the paint you use


They all go home

Clover:Im back!

Clover:There's a art contest at school


Clover Goes in her room

she finds a picture of the scream on the internet

Clover:I'll draw this

Clover Sketches it on her paper

She got a black pen And went over the pencil drawing

She paints it with acrilic paints


Sasha Paints the romano family Quartet

They brought Their pictures in on monday

Mary:Put art on my desk

Mary:The winner will be picked on friday in assembly in the school hall and parents are welcome to join

After school

Clover:Parents are welcome to Join on Friday

Sue:I will come

On Friday all parents were in the school hall

All the children came in

Mary:Welcome parents we are here to annonce the winners of the giangate high art contest

We have The romano Family Quartet by Sasha,the Scream by clover,a map of locations by Shannon,

Tacodale at night by Nick and Last but not least we have Robby With the starry night

In 3rd place is Shannon with the man of locations in 2nd place is sasha with the romano family Quartet

And now were Ready to announce the winner And that is clover with the scream.

you's each get a medal.and give a cheer to our runners up  nick and robby

and you's dont go home empty handed you get a runner up medal

Sue:Clover you Won!

Clover:I got a gold medal

Marty and Maggie:Did you Win?

Clover:I Did and got a gold medal

Sasha got a silver

And shannon a bronze

Well done!