The Adventures of Xolo and Xandra (TAXX) is a TV show. The main characters are Xolo and Xandra. (Hence the title).

Episode 1: Fat problem

Xolo hates being fat, so he goes on a diet. However, Xandra thinks that him being fat is no problem and tries to stop him from diet.

Episode 2: Shower power

Xandra starts to stink up the town so Xolo tries to make her smell better.

Xandra and Xolo Sleeping
Xandra had a bad dream
Ninjoy and Xandra

Episode 3: Passion for Fashion

Prudence wants Xolo and Xandra to look better, so she tries to do that. But it won't be as easy as it sounds!

Episode 4: Pain Game

Xandra and Xolo decide to see who is the strongest.

Episode 5: Fright Night

After Xandra watches a scary movie, Xolo must find a way to make Xandra face her fears.

Episode 6: Show Hole

Xandra and Xolo's favorite show gets cancelled after a cliffhanger, so the twins try and get the show back.

Episode 7: Time to Die

Ninjoy tries to seduce Xolo into becoming evil.


Due to money problems and low ratings, the show has been cancelled after 7 episodes leaving 6 unfinished. Flipline TV, who produced TAXX, was in debt and the show wasn't doing them any good. Each episode cost over $800,000 per episode. Flipline TV later filed for bankruptcy. The show has also received negative criticism by many. Kayla's TV Room gave the show a 2/5 saying, "Its somewhat forgiving, but overall boring and unwatchable.Common Sense Media gave the show a 3.5/10 saying: The jokes are unfunny even for a young child. But it has its attributes." Scarlett's Awesome Blog says, "I'd enjoy it more if the episodes made more sense." The 7 unfinished episodes will be finished soon and aired.

Unfinished Episodes

Episode 8: Choco-town

Xolo dreams of a land of rich milk chocolate. But in reality, he eats everything unknowingly.

Episode 9: The Unseen Prank is the Deadliest

Ninjoy pulls a prank on the twins by using shadow magic to make them sneeze non-stop.

Episode 10: Cooked

Xandra steals Yippy's girl scout uniform and pretends to be a girl scout. Yippy finds out about this and searches for Xandra.

Episode 11: It Can't Float Your Boat

Xolo and Xandra win a cruise, but ruin it in less than a day.