OK, if you don't find this funny don't comment -_- *sigh* crictics these days... Anyways, this is some funny thing about Allan, because well, I imagine to be pretty... how do I put this... Stupid? Yeah, stupid. Anyways, the purpose of this thing is about Allan just walking aroud somewhere and talking to someone and saying something stupid xD


Allan: *riding a car and kills everyone who was driving beside him because he has no idea whatsoever, how to drive a car xD* Hello there!

Peggy: Well, howdy! Whats your name?

Allan: i am mr. fart

Peggy: mr-mr fart?

Allan: Just kidding, I'm allan :D

Peggy: Well, allan, how may I be of service to you today?

Allan: I was wondering if I could join your jumping contest

Peggy: i'm sorry, but the jumping contest is only for PROFESSIONALS and In-training.

Allan: *pretty desperate* um.. p-pretty please? it's for my show

Peggy: your show? Well what's it called?

Allan: The Adventures of Allan

Peggy: Oh OK, I don't expect you winning anything, but I guess you can give it a shot.

Allan: Yes! Where do I start?

Peggy: back there by the trophy case

Allan: Ok, *goes there*

Peggy: 1, 2, 3, JUMP!!!

Allan: um.. do I start now?

Peggy: *facepalm* -_-

Allan: oh, ok *jumps over one hurdle put falls in the process* Ugh! *falls over the other one* FUU- *jumps over the other one and lands* yes, I landed :D *falls over last one* Ugh! Did I win?!

  • LATER*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *hopping*

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: ....

Allan: *hopping*

Bunny: *leaves*

  • Later*

Allan: CAN I TOUCH 'EM?!

Random lady: What?!

Allan: your legs :D

Random: Lady: ._. *leaves*

Allan: I see how it is, HATERS GONNA HATE >:(

  • LATER*

Allan: Why did the chicken, cross the road

Clover: Um.. to get ot the other side?

Allan: NO!!!

Clover: OK.. um then why DID the chicken cross the road?

Allan: Because it farted :P

Clover: um... what?

Allan: *runs*

Clover: *scoffs*

  • LATER*

Allan: Hey you!

Peggy: Ugh, not you again... I mean, hello Allan!

Allan: Want to hear a joke?

Peggy: Sure

Allan: What did the horse say when it fell?

Peggy: IDK, what'd it say?

Allan: i've fallen and I can't giddy up!! :D

Peggy: Oh brother *leaves*

Allan: I thought it was funny *derp*

  • LATER*

Allan: *looks at abraham lincoln* HOWS THE WEATHER UP THERE?! xD

Abe: Ugh...

Allan: Do you get good satelite?!

Abe: *leaves*

Allan:... Was it something I said?

  • LATER*

Allan: Hey bubby, what you got there?

Hank: Um, you mean in my picnic basket?

Allan: yes

Hank: Just some MC Donalds

Allan: Can I have some?

Hank: You know I don't like sharing my Mc Donalds, dude

Allan: Can I have a couple of fries?

Hank: Um, NO!

Allan: Fine have your picnic all alone! You little loner, who doesn't like to share his food *sniff sniff* And it smells really good.... C-C-Can I have some please? Just a fry or a chicken nuget?

Hank: ALLAN! Leave me alone, I'm trying to enjoy my food >:( Remember, I'm a cop -_-

Allan: Fine.. whatever *leaves*

Hank: Finally

Allan: *runs and takes all his fries* GIVE ME A FRY!!

Hank: Or just take the whole thing... Gosh... 

  • LATER*

Allan: I like your bandana

Robby: thanks............ Five dollars................ At Wal-Mart

Allan: soo... you been licking something?

Robby: Um, no, why?

Allan: Your tongue looks like it's ready to do some licking

Robby: um..

Allan: you want to lick me?

Robby: WHAT?! D:<

Allan: i'll allow it, come on you want to lick me?

Robby: No, I really do not want to lick you...

Allan: Come on dude it's OK just do it! LICKY LICKY LICKY LICKY!

Robby: ugh.. disgusting *leaves*

Allan: FINE I'lL JUST LICK MYSELF! Wait.. no, I'm not very flexible.

  • LATER*

Allan: hey little girl, what are you doing here all by yourself?

Little girl: Why parents said I could go out by myself because they say they trust me, and I'm a really responsible little girl, and I don't talk to strangers.... Well, for the most part

Allan: So you learned not to get in the back of the van of a strager's car and take candy from a stranger?

Little girl: yup, I'm a smart cookie!

Allan: *in head8 dang it -_- *normal* Well for being such a smart cookie, do you want a cupcake?

Little girl: of course!


Little girl: Huh?


Little Girl: but- B- I-

Allan: Ah, I'm just kidding, do you want some Ice cream? I'm sorry for tricking you

LG: Oh yes! :)

Allan: *comes with some ice cream*

LG: oh, I want the pick one

Allan: NO! *throws ice cream on the ground* YOU JUST MADE ANOTHER BIG NO NO

LG: But...

Allan: *leaves*

LG: Ugh..

  • LATER*

Allan: There's a mommy fire hydrant and a little baby one! *isses baby one* so cute!

Hank: Dude I just peed on that

Allan: O_O AHHHH YOU DOGGGGG *runs away cleaning his tongue*

Hank: Teach you not to take my fries! >:)

  • LATER*

Allan: Hello

Chill dude: Hey, wazzup in the hizzouse

Allan: um... you're really pink

Chill dude: yeah, I get that alot

Allan: Are you tired or something?

Chill dude: no, I'm wide awake, why do you ask

Allan: um.. you seem kind of tired

Chill Dude: Nah, I'm just a layed back person. I go with the flow, chill on the hill

Allan: that's cool, You seem cool

Chill Dude: Yeah i'm pretty cool

Allan: Do you mind if I chill with you

Chill Dude: i don't mind, you seem cool too

Allan: cool *sits next to him* So.... um.. do you every like sit there and clench your butt cheeks together really hard and wait for the cute little dimples to pop out?

Chill Dude: ... *leaves*

Allan: yeah, me neither :/

  • LATER*

Allan: *Sees a skeleton* Hey Grandpa! Wait... my grandpa is in Europe ._. Well hello sir, you look alot like my grandpa!

Mary: Why are you talking to my art sculpture?

Allan: Sorry, I thought he was my granspa's twin

Mary: ugh.. weirdo.. *leaves*

  • LATER*

Allan: (@ Hank) Yo mama's so fat, she rolled into the grand canyon and got stuck

  • LATER*

Allan: (@ Hank) Yo mama's so fat, she sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out.

  • LATER*

Allan: *stares at a seal and farts randomly*

Seal: O_O

  • LATER*

Allan: Can you see?

Radlynn: ...

Allan: Do you have eyeballs?

Radlynn: ...

Allan: Do you like ponies?

Radlynn: YES

Allan: YAY! :D

  • LATER*

Allan: (@ Hank) Yo mama's so fat, her belt size is equator

  • LATER*

Allan: (@ Whale) ophikogtkkjfkdhjhfjbhfjfhbr :D

Whale: ?!

  • LATER*

Allan: (@ Ant) WHAT ARE YOU?!

Ant: I'm an ANT!

Allan: i'm an uncle *derp*

  • LATER*

Allan: *stares at shovel* the bigger the pooper, the bigger the scooper *scoops up Hank*

Hank: What was that for?!

Allan: Oops, I think I mistakened you for a pile of feces ⊙▽⊙

Hank: Feces?

Allan: Technical term for "poop"

Hank: I know what feces is -_-

Allan: *sarcastically* uh-huh

  • LAER*

Allan: (@ Hank) Yo mama's so fat, she got fat, on her fat flaps, under her fat, that's growing on her other fat :D

Hank: -_- *leaves*

  • END