• The leader
  • The sidekick
  • The leader's student
  • The leader's boyfriend/deputy.
  • One of the former members.
  • One of the former members.
  • The weirdo. (imagine him fatter)
  • The video game tips guy.
  • The take-no-prisoners kicker.
Members: Mordecai , Mordecai's parents (formerly), Rigby, Izzy, Owen, Sparky, Snowflake, Coco, Rain, Dusty, Brian, Trishna, and Eileen (custom worker from Gremmie's bad day).

Mordecai:The leader.

Rigby:The leader's boyfriend/deputy

Dusty:The witchdoctor/leader's pet.

Eileen:The sidekick.

Trishna: The leader's student.

Snowflake: The witchdoctor's sister.

Sparky: The deputy's pet.

Rain: The brains.

Izzy: The karate master.

Owen: The weirdo.

Brian: The video game tips guy.

Coco: The take-no-prisoners kicker.

They can all speak Pig Latin except Rigby and Owen.