(in hot doggeria)

Taylor: I want normal hotdog in regular bun with mustard and relish. I also want small Fizzo and small buttered popcorn.

Peggy: Wait 5 minutes.

(in the kitchen)

Peggy: (to herself) I don't have normal hotdogs, normal buns, mustard, relish, Fizzo, or buttered popcorn. So I will give Taylor something else.

(gives Taylor a cheddarwurst in a pretzel bun with sauerkraut and 10 squirts of mayo, and a large purple burple and 2 large cotton puffs)

Peggy: I finally made it.

Taylor: What the heck is this? I wanted normal stuff, not uncommon stuff. You know I don't like mayo! I don't like cotton puffs! (squirts mayo at Peggy)

Peggy: I better go take a shower.

Taylor: I'm going home.