Taylor bad dream

Taylor After His Bad Dream

(Taylor's Bad Dream)

Taylor:Where am I? why I'm in gigantic opened fuel tanks?

Willow: Ok! We're going to fill that fuel tanks!

Wendy:Ahh! that was dangerous!

Willow: No! just get some UDMH and fill that fuel tank! I'll take of my Deltaglider XR1 To Jupiter!


(Willow put UDMH tank to empty fuel tank)

Taylor: Is anyone here?

Willow: ahh! Taylor.


Willow: haha! you squirt wild onion sauce  to me! TIME TO REVENGE!!

Taylor: AHH! Where? I never squirt any sauce to other!

Willow:NO! You squirt to me! HAHAHA

(Willow pour UDMH to empty fuel tank)


(Taylor wakes up)

Taylor:NOOOO!!! ahh! it was just bad dream.

Taylor: I must sleep now.

(Back in Taylor's Bad Dream)

Taylor: Peggy, I wamt normal sausage in a normal bun with mustard and relish, I also want S fizzo and S popcorn

Peggy: Ok, You wait here for 5 minutes.

(Peggy goes to the grill station)

Peggy: No Normal sausages, Normal buns, Relish or mustard and no fizzo or popcorn. Well, I'll give him another order to be kind.

(Peggy gives him a It. sausgae in a hoagie with chilli and hot sauce and S Root beer and S Cotton puffs)

Peggy: Here!

Taylor: You Idiot! I wanted something else dork! (Throws a bat at Peggy)

Peggy: Ouch! (Peggy passes out)

Taylor: Take that Peggy!

Peggy: Take this!

(Taylor wakes up)

Taylor: Ahhhh!!!

Sasha: What's wrong older bro?

Taylor: I had a nightmare where Peggy gived me something wrong

Sasha: That would never happen, But go to sleep, Mom had a busy day yesterday.

(Taylor And Sasha Goes Back To Sleep, Back In Taylor's Bad Dream)

Peggy: Take This (Throws Foam Finger)

Taylor: Take This (Throws A Anvil At Taylor Then Taylor Wakes Up Finding Himself On The Floor And He Caused To Wake Up His Sister And Mother)

Sasha: What Is It Big Brother?

(Clair Comes In The Bedroom)

Clair: What's The Matter Babe?

(Taylor Hugs His Mother)

Taylor: I Dreamed That Peggy Attacked Me

Clair: It's Ok Tay-Tay

Taylor: (Starts Crying) No It Ain't

(Kingsley Wakes Up And Goes Into The Kids Bedroom)

Clair: Oh Hey Babe. Hey Babe Can You Comfort Your Son I'm Very Tired

Kingsley: Sure

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