Eureka house

(Cooper is asleep,until peggy comes in his room)

Peggy:WAKE UP!

(Cooper wakes up)

Cooper:What do you wan't?

Peggy:Money.I need a dress.

Cooper:Mom bought you one yesterday.

Peggy:An ugly one.

Cooper:How much does your dress cost?


(Cooper drinks his fizzo,then spits it)


Peggy:You heard me!

Cooper:Peggy,I'm a millionaire,but i'm not gonna waste it all on you.

(Cooper gives Peggy $500,000)


(Peggy leaves)

Cooper:I swear,there's got to be another reason why this beauty pageant was cancelled.

Hiroshino Household

(Nick Is Fast Asleep Until His Sisters Comes In His Room)

Tohru And Akari: NICK!

Nick: I Didn't Do It Mitch

Tohru:He's too asleep.

Akari:I know how to wake him up.

(Akari leaves nicks room,then comes back with a bucket of water,which she splashes on nick,thus waking him up)

NIck:I DON'T WANT TO DROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIck:Oh it's you.

The Spots Quintuplets house

(the spot quintuplets were fast asleep when Rita, Cecilia And Lisa Came In The Bedroom And Starts Jumping On There Bed)

The Quintuplets: Girls Your Gonna Break The Bed!

(The Girls Stop Boncing On The Bed)

The Quintuplets: Thank You

(Alberto Comes In Drowsy)

Alberto: What The Heck Is All The Ruckiss?

Rico: Your Sister's And Cousins Woke Us All Up Luckly Your Aunt Wendy Is Up In Maple Mountian Doing A Big Repair On Roy's Car

Alberto: Ah

Tastyville 12:50 pm

Cooper:You guys have the same problem too?


Alberto:Oh yes,definitly.

Yippy:Even prudence made me sell cookies just to get money for a dress.

Mitch:That's sad.

Cooper:If we're going to find out why the beauty pageant was really cancelled,we're going to ask everyone that was around that time.


Mitch:He believes it was a street race.


Yippy:She believes it.

Cooper:Then there's only one person we haven't asked.

Alberto:You don't mean?!

Cooper:It's our only hope.

Tastyville convenience store

(The guys and yippy enter the convenience store)

Old person:What do ya'll rotten kids wan't?Ya'll better not steal anything.

Cooper:We're not stealing anything.We just need to ask you something.

Old Person:Ya'll should've learned that in school.

Cooper:It's not school related.

Old Person:Then ask away.

Cooper:Do you know why the tastyville beauty pageaant was cancelled?

Old Person:Oh my goodness!You must be the one!


Old Person:Follow me.

(The guys and Yippy follow the old person)

Old Person:I was there when the pageant happened.There was a street race,but it was little to disturb the pageant.What really happened was olga won,and the other girls got jelous,and one of those girls was quinns mother.She issued an attack on olga and it worked.Olga nearly died.Since nobody wanted that to happen again,they blamed it on the street race.Quinns mother wrote on a piece of paper and hid it in her house.To make sure nobody ever entered,she made her house look like it was haunted so no one would ever enter.I had enough guts to enter one day and retrieve the papaer.Then,one day I received a prhopecy,stating that quinn was going to hold a beauty pageant,so she can get revenge on olga for winning the pageant 34 years ago.To do that,she's going to take foodini on a date and make sure she's there to see prudence nearly get beaten to death.For 3 days,I thought no one could save her from a terrible fate.Then 2,hours ago,I reaceived a sign,that a boy would save prudence,along with his friends and yippy's sister.Then,when you entered,I saw that you were the one who would save prudence.It is up to you to save prudence.

Cooper:Whoa.Are you sure I can do that?

Old Person:You must.

Alberto:Cooper,I can't believe what I just heard.

Cooper:I know.I also received a sign,but I didn't know what it was.

Old Person:You can do it.

Cooper:You're right,but not without my friends.

To be continued.......