Eureka Household

(Cooper is sleeping, until Greg comes into his room)

Cooper: What is it?

Greg: I want to go to a golf game!

Cooper: You went to one last Monday after school.

Greg: It is today only! It will be the only time in the world!

Cooper: Let me ask Mom.

Greg: Ok.

Cooper: Mom, Greg wants to go to a golf game.

Mary: How much does it cost?

Cooper: How much is it Greg?

Greg: It is 10 dollars per person.

Mary: Ok, we will go.

Razburg Household

Ninjoy: Can we go to the golf game?

Utah: Yea Mom, it is 10 dollars per person.

Captain Cori: No.

Utah: Please?

Captain Cori: Ok.


Pilot: We are going to America!

Foodini: COOL!

Chuck: Shut up Dad!

Sarge Fan!: Yeah shut up!

Captain Cori: Girls, so read this book called The Guide To Golf.

Utah: Yes

Ninjoy: Yes

James: Behave Greg and Cooper!

Cooper: Ok

Greg: Ok

Mary: Umm... is this good art?

Wally: Not very much.

Timm: I think so.

Boomer: Remember when I shot out of a cannon on July 4?

Doan: Yes

Akari: Yes

Tohru: Yes

Nick: Yes

Change Rooms

Mary: Uhh... I cannot get this on!

Greg: Easy!

Captain Cori: Getting it on Mary?

Mary: Yes (gets golf suit on)

Golf Game

Papa Louie: Time for the game!

Roy: So, Captain Cori, Ninjoy, Utah, James, Greg, Cooper, Mary, Wally, and James are playing golf.

Big Pauly: Why is a former closer and a closer playing golf? (munches on cheese cubes)

In the audience there was Boomer, Doan, Tohru, Akari, Nick, the Spots, Yippy, Prudence, Olga, Gremmie, Sue, Clover, Maggie, Marty, Vicky, Edna, Penny, Scooter, Allan, Johnny, and the Closers.

Papa Louie: Let's let Captain Cori go first.

(Cori Steps Up And Hits The Golf Ball With A Good Wack)

Big Pauly: WOW!!!!!!

Penny: Shut up.