Cooper:HI!If you're just tuning in to this story,here is a quick recap of what's happened.

Cooper:ok,so the tastyville beauty pageant was uncancelled after a 34 year hiatus and all of the girls except yippy joined and it became a huge problem for parents beacuse the girls wanted alot of dresses.Then one day the guys and yippy wanted to find out why the beauty pageant was really cancelled,only to find out about a prhopecy,in which me,Cooper,has to save prudence from a terrtible fate.I hope you enjoy the ending to tastyville beauty pageant part 3!xandra yippy trishna willow peggy 


Alberto:What are we going to do Coooper?The pageants tomorrow.

Cooper:I need to wait for my next sign.

Yippy:Are you sure we coudln't just warn prudence?

Cooper:She'll never believe that.

Mitch:True that.

Marty:Well let's just wait for coopers next sign.

xandra herts her knee and it bleeds 

and yippy fixxes it xandra thank you

yippy uwelcome

your a good girl xandra said yippy i know wite

trishna comes to the park

hey evey yone said to trishna

hi said trishna

edit rest

be sure to read part two

1 day later

(Everyone is still at the park)

Alberto:Anything yet?


Marty:What are we going to do?The pageants today.

Cooper:Wait!I think I just got a sign.

(Cooper is shown a sign)

Yippy:So now what?

Cooper:We need to go to James's garage

The Garage

(Everyone enters the park

James:Ah Cooper!What can I do for you?

Cooper:Does this ring a bell?

(Cooper shows James the note)

James:What do you need?

Cooper:New it would be great.

James:Follow me then.

(1 minute later)

James:Take your pick.The choices are a Lamborghini aventador,Pagani Huayra,Porsche 918 rsr,Camaro ZL1,Audi R8,Mazda MX-5 and a Mclaren F1.

Cooper: Mazda MX-5

James: Ok Nephew

Cooper: Don't Worry Prudence Coopie's Coming xandra yippy trishna peggy willow what are u doing at the garage u got here before us yippy i know write prudence comes to check on cooper if hes or wite prudence hey yippy u were the last one prudence i know wite yippy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh gians here i thort u were th last one but gian was the last one to be here gian hi yippy yippy hey gian i love u xxxxxxxxxx lots of love from yippy and gian woooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eveyone  one claps for yippy and gian that was fun said yippy gian i  know white i love u gian i love u too yippy

At The Padgent

(All The Contestents Families Were There And Nick) Nick: Welcome Ladies And Gentlemen To The 100th Annual Tastyville Beauty Pagent I'll Be Your Host Nick Hiroshino Because Foodini Jay Is Out With The Miss (Quinn) Tonight So As Foodini Jr I Will Take Over. (Mumbling) They Better Like The Show I'm Going To Put On It's On The Same Day As Foodini's Date Night.

(The Spot Quintuplet's Laughs)

Nick: Ok Now Let's Present The Ladies Looks.

(The Girls (Mindy, Penny, Maggie, Clover, Cecilia, Prudence, Sasha, Akari, And Tohru) Comes Out But Everyone Wonders Where Lisa Is Then Her Scream Of Nervous Scream Is Heard Then Franco's Mustach Starts Shaking )

Franco (Quietly): Hija!

Clover: Lisa!

(Clover Goes Into Lisa's Dressing Room And Sees Lisa In The Corner But Then When She Tries To Touch Her It Turned Out To Be Quinn And Tries To Grab Her But Then The Real Lisa Comes Off The Cealing And Kicks Her And Locks Her In Lisa's Dressing Room And Runs On Stage)

Clover: Lisa Is In!, Lisa Is In!

(Everyone Claps For The Ladie's Especialy Franco And Sue)

Nick: Woha Ok Curtin

(The Curtin Goes Down And The Girls Gets Ready For The Style Catagory When Quinn Gets Out Of Lisa's Dressing Room With A Swiss Knife Causing Theme To Scream Then Nick Hear's There's Scream)

Nick: NOW

(The Guy's And Yippy Jumps Out Of The Celing And Runs To Quinn And Yippy Starts Attacking Her)

Alberto: We'll Take Care Of Quinn You Ladies Do Your Thing!

The Girls (Exept Yippy): Ok

(The Girls Goes Into There Dressing Rooms And Get's Ready For There Style Catagory)

Yippy: Take That You Big Pageant Pooper 




(Yippy Stops Hurting Quinn)

The Guy's And Yippy: What?

Quinn: My Mother Did Enter A Beauty Pageant And It Was Her Only One Because My Grandmother Forbidded Her For Being Beautiful That's Why She Was So Nasty To Me And That's Why I Have A Nasty Personality.

Greg And Nick: Oh My

Quinn: Indeed Anyway My Mother Was The Only One Jealous Of Mrs Olga And Now For Years She Wanted To Get Revenge On Olga So On My 13th Birthday Was The Same Day As The Beauty Pageant And My Mother And Father Didn't Give Me Anything On My Birthday And That's Why I Wanted To Get Rid Of This Year's Beauty Padgent.

The Guy's And Yippy: Oh

(Nick Goes Back On Stage)

Nick: Ok Sorry About That Now Let's Get With The Next Catagory Style!!! First Up Is Prudence And Then The Rest.

(The Girls Comes Out Dressed For The Style Catagory)

Nick And The Audience: Ooooooh, Ahhhhhhh (Claps For Theme And Laughs At A "Weridly" Dressed Lisa)

Nick: Woha Woha Woha Woha! Lisa Who Brought You That Spanish Dress It's As Red As Kahuna's Face When Chuck Does Something Bad.

(Lisa Points At The Spot Quintuplets)

Nick hosting

Nick Hosting The Pageant For Foodini