Season 1

Episode 1: Tales from Tastyville Christmas Special- After attending the school's christmas play, the whole town prepares for Christmas. Kayla asks her children for their Santa letters, Yippy starts half-price christmas pony rides and Carlo Romano gets a tattoo. The Next Day, Kayla takes her kids christmas shopping and Carlo Romano slips away to the tattoo parlour to get a tattoo that says " Mother". Unexpectily, Bruna bursts in and drags Carlo two doors down to the skin specialist to have it removed. Meanwhile, Kayla acciadently spends her lifetime hoard of money on the christmas presents. Yippy is not successful with pony rides and decides to not continue with her business.  Meanwhile, Kayla takes a job at Papa Louie's new sushi bar at the suggestion of her friend, Vicky. After Kayla is paid less than expected, Kayla runs home crying. At Home, Taylor tells her she was too muddled up and she did not spend her lifetime hoard. Instead, she spent her prize money that she won from a taco contest in Tacodale.

Episode 2: Ninjoy the Genius- Faced with the prospect of failing an intelligence test, Ninjoy switches exams with class brain Roy. When the results come in, Principal Doan is shocked by " Ninjoy's" perfect results and calls a meeting with Ninjoy's Parents and their family lawyer, Quinn. Quinn studies the results and identifies Ninjoy as a Genius much to the dismay of Doan. Meanwhile, Timm is enrolled at a Romanian Foreign School on the outskirts of town. Timm feels out of place amongst the  Romanian students with academic skills. In an old hallway, he sees Olga and Olga tells Timm she will teach him Romanian. Back at the School, Quinn says that Ninjoy now must be legally home-schooled. Ninjoy backlashes at Quinn saying that she cheated on the test. Ninjoy is placed in Detention for 7 hours. Back at the Foreign School, Timm can now speak fluent Romanian thanks to Olga. After a while, Timm comes backs to his former school and feels he is normal again.

sorry there is only two episodes in season 1. the next episode will be in season 2