Marty Stone(19)(Marty is the lead guatarist for his band rasin bacon,he is one of the three bullies to bully nick along with alberto and cooper and he has a crush on rita,his co worker in the burgeria)

Clover Stone(13)Clover is a drummer for her brothers band rasin bacon and her friends are sasha and utah and has a crush on SargeFan!)

Maggie Stone(19)(Maggie is a head worker for papa's Taco mia and has a crush on gremmie,her cousin)

Mother:Sue Stone(nee milter)(36)(Sue is Vicky's sister and she works at tastyville convinience store and has a crush on hugo

Aunt:Vicky Milter(37)Vicky is one of the female fat customers along with olga and bertha and her daughter is Mindy(adopted).

Mindy Milter(18)(Mindy is Vicky's adopted daughter and works and at her mothers hair salon.)

Grandmother:Olga Milter(nee wheeler)

gremmie wheeler(19)

Yippy wheeler(9)

prudence wheeler(17)

Pickle (dog)