Skyler's Bad Dream

(In Skyler's bad dream)

Skyler: My Goodness Were Am I?

(A Five Headed Dragon With The Spot Quintuplets Heads Comes Out)

The Five Headed Quintuplet Dragon: Rar

Skyler:Don't murder me!

Skyler grabs a knife and slices off the Kahuna like head!

Kahuna sprouts 3 more heads

Kahuna: Ha! I am a hydra! For every head you slice off, 3 more grow in place!

Skyler throws down her knife.

Franco Head: You can never find our heart. 

Spot heads dragon?

In skyler's Bad dream

Hugo Head: Many have tried but they always ended up triggering more heads or perhpas...

Georgito Head: Just try it!

Skyler stabsthe chest of the dragon and it breathes fire at her!

(Skyler Screams Like A Woman And Wakes Up)

Skyler: What A Dream...

(Skyler Hears Her)

Skyler: What Are You Doing Here Connor It's Three In The Morning

Connor: Sky I Can Over Hear Your Scream Next Door

Skyler: Sorry Connie

Connor: Just Don't Scream So Loud Some Of Us Are Trying To Get To Sleep After A Long Day At The Cort

(Connor Leaves Skyler's Room In Her Window And Skyler Closes Her Window And Goes Back To Her Bed And Falls Asleep Quickly And The Bad Dream Was No More The Next Morning She Wakes Up)

Skyler: Well The Bad Dream Didn't Come Back But It Was Worth It

(Skyler Gets Dressed)

Skyler: Well..

(Back In Dream)

Skyler: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Kahuna: Physco Cloud!

(Skyler Dies)


cONNOR: Skyler What Is Happening

Skyler: I Died at the Dream

Connor: Its Ok

Skyler: Ok Sleep (sleeps)

The end