This is the 9th episode of the High school lies series


  • alarm clock beeping*

Penny: Ahh! *falls out of bed* Ugh... Yeah yeah yeah... SHUT UP! *breaks alarm clock* Oh! *sees note and reads it* Dear Penny, I had to leave early for work today. Breakfast is on the table. P.S don't forget to show that boy what's he's missing. *finishes reading* Hmm... Show him what he's missing, eh? *talking to herself* You know what.. I will, in fact I'll show EVERYONE what they are missing. Especially Brandi. She better watch herself because I am tired of being a doormat. This is the new Penny.

  • Later downstairs*

Penny: *sees her breakfast and groans*

  • *Conscious's appear*

Bad Concious: No Penny, you can't!

Penny: *in head* You're right...

Good Concious: No, Penny, wait!

Penny: I can't!

Good Concious: AHH! *disappears*

Bad Concious: *disappears*

Penny: I can't eat this! But I know who can... The stray crickets!

  • *Outside*

Penny: *brings plate* Um... Crickets? Come out come out wherever you are... Are you guys even out here?

Crickets: *come*

Penny: Ah! There you are *gives them plate*

Crickets: *eat it and climb back up tree*

Penny: Hey, crickets! Where's my platter?! Oh well... *leaves*

  • *Two random girl and boy are in Brandi's way*

Brandi: Wanna move, shrimps? *pushes one away*

Random girl: Oh, my gosh! Jimmy!

Brandi: Mindy, Maggie, this is important. Am I looking... puffy lately?

Maggie: Like, what do you mean?

Brandi: I mean.., *whispers* chubby...

Maggie and Mindy: ...

Brandi: Ahem!

Maggie: Oh! Of course not!

Mindy: Yeah!

Brandi: Phew... Is Alberto here yet?

Alberto: I sure am! Are you OK? Why couldn't I come over yesterday?

Brandi: Oh, um... Uh... Don't worry, Al! I had to...

Alberto: What?

Brandi: Um... SHUT UP! *covers his eyes*

Penny: *walks in*

Random girl 6#: *gasp* That's Penny!

Random Boy 3#: *snickers*

Brandi: *still covering Alberto's eyes and sees Penny* Oh great...

Alberto: What's wrong?

Brandi: Oh, nothing! Don't look over there...

Random Boy 2#: Hey, Penny. How's your rash?

  • laughter*

Penny: Hey, David, hows your acne?

  • gasp*

Penny: Because from what I see it doesn't look like it's clearing up.

Random Boy 2#: *embarrassed* AHHH!!! *runs away*

Brandi: Ergg... DON'T LOOK YET!

Random Boy 5#: Hey, Penny, is it true that you used to weigh 300 pounds?

Penny: *scoff* Isn't it obvious?

Random Boy 8#: Hey, Penny, is it true you kiss any boy you can get your hands on?

Random Girl 10#: That's what I heard too!

Penny: Really? Well does this answer your question? *kisses Random Boy 8# and rolls her eyes*

Random Boy 8#: O_O

Random: Girl #1: Hey, Penny, is it true that you are actually a hippopotamus?

Penny: That's where you are wrong, I'm a rhinocerous *walks away*

Random Boy 7#: Woooow...

Random Girl 2#: What the crap?

Random Girl 4#: She seems cool :)

Maggie: Um... is that, like, actually Penny?

Brandi: *scoffs*

Alberto: What?

Penny: *walks up to Rita and Mary*


Rita: Are you even the same girl from yesterday?

Penny: Yep! You're looking at new and improved Penny! This Penny is done being walked all over, and this Penny thinks a little more like Brandi.

Mary: Wow, I like new Penny!

Rita: No offense, but don't ever bring old Penny back...

Penny: Hey! XD

Rita and Mary: *laugh*

Rita: The way you're acting... You DO remind me of Brandi! But better, MUCH better!

Penny: Why thank you!~

Random Boy 7#: Hey, Penny, you look really pretty today

Penny: Thanks!

Random Boy 7#: :) Bye *leaves*

  • *with Brandi and Alberto*

Brandi: I told you Al, Penny is nothing more than a mean trash bag. I guess she finally dropped off her old "I'm a sweet little angel" act.

Alberto: ...

Brandi: Al...

Alberto: ...

Brandi: AL!!!

Alberto: AH! Oh... Sorry... I just don't get it... She was so-

Brandi: She was nothing. now shut your mouth and kiss me.

Alberto: ._. wut

Penny: Hey, do we have Math 1st period?

Mary: No, it's English for me and you. Why?

Penny: Oh, no reason ^^;


Mary: There it is, see you, Rita.

  • *Mary and Penny run to class and sit in their seats*
  • *Brandi and Alberto walk in*

Brandi: I'll walk you to your seat. *walks him there*

Alberto: Thanks.



Georgito: Alberto, Brandi, this is ENGLISH class, not talking class, reframe from allocutioning in the corner please. -_-

Brandi and Alberto: *ignore*

Brandi: Wait, what does allocution mean?

Georgito: It means to talk. It is a word you might've known, had you not chosen to be in my honors class, instead of the... *ahem* AVERAGE class.

Brandi: *laugh* Nohing about ME is average. :D

Georgito: You're right. I'd say... *whispring* below average. AHEM!

Brandi and Alberto: *talking*

Georgito: AL! BRANDI! ENOUGH! Brandi, out of my class.

Brandi: See you after class! *blows kiss to him*

Penny: *cough* *cough* SHOW-OFF *cough* *cough*

Brandi: *turns around and looks at her* *rolls eyes* *leaves*

Geogito: Now that that ridiculous display is over, time to talk about our projects, they are due-

Penny: Mr. Georgito?

Georgito: *sigh* Yes?

Penny: I cannot work with my partner anymore, because they refuse to cooperate. So threfore, I'm going to do this project alone.