Franco: Ahhh.... what a wonderful day to buy cookies.

( goes to cookie stand)


Word got around fast. Nobody could stand a day without Yippy's cookies.


Doan: How silly.

( minute later )

Doan: I'm starting to miss those cookies.

( At the Wheeler household)

Olga: Hold on, Yippy. I'll get some medicine.

Prudence: I hope you recover from the flu fast.

Gremmie: Yeah.

Yippy: Thanks you guys.

  • knock knock *

Gremmie: Who's there?

???: The lead cookie scout.

Prudence: The lead cookie scout who?

Lead cookie scout: JUST OPEN THE DOOR.

Prudence: Okay, okay. ( opens door )

Lead cookie scout: Hello, my name is Doris. I-

Gremmie: Doris? What kind of name is Doris for a cookie scout?

Doris: Shut up. As I was saying, Yippy is the only cookie scout that can actually sell cookies. So I need a replacement. Prudence, I have heard you were a fluent cookie scout before.

Prudence: When I was in second grade!

Doris: So I need you to do the job. No questions asked.

Prudence: Aw....

Doris: Goodbye. Oh, and here is your uniform. ( throws it at Prudence's face )

Prudence: I don't like her.

Gremmie: I don't like her name. Maybe you shouldn't do it

Prudence: We have to. The whole entire neighborhood can't stand it. I will do it. If YOU do it with me. I can't get embarrased by myself.

Gremmie: I WON'T DO IT.

Prudence: You let the whole neighborhood down, then.

Gremmie: Fine.

---baking the cookies---

Prudence: Ugh... I forgot how to do this.

Gremmie: Lucky for you. I NEVER done it.

Prudence: Okay... the first ingredient.... It says flour.

Gremmie: Flower? I'm on it! ( goes out side and picks a rose) Got it! ( Puts it in the bowl )

Prudence: ( Her nose buried into the recipe) Now it says baking soda.

Gremmie: On it! ( Goes to the fridge and gets a Diet Fizzo) Got it! ( Pours it in the bowl )

Prudence: Chocolate Chips.

Gremmie: On it! ( Dips some potato chips in choclate sauce) Got it! ( Puts it in the bowl)

After many mistaked ingredients....

Prudence: Time to put it in the oven! Mmmm... it already smells good. Like... roses?

Gremmie: ( puts the raw cookies in the oven) How much time?

Prudence: 200 degrees fahrenheit for 13 minutes.

Gremmie: Okay. ( Accidentally puts it on celsius, which is hotter )

13 minutes later

Prudence: They are done!

--- selling the cookies---

Prudence: First stop, the Hiroshino house!

Gremmie: Okay. *Knocks on the door* Hello?

Doan: (Opens door) Yes? OH BOY IT COOKIES!!!!!! (gives them 5 dollars, takes a box, then slams the door)

Prudence: That was easy enough.

Gremmie: You said it.

--Inside the Hiroshino household--

Doan: COOKIES!!!!!!


Akari:I've been waiting so long!

( They all grab a cookie . Nick takes a huge bite out of his.)

Nick: Mmmm... this tastes like... *chew* hmmm.... *chew* EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ( spite his cookie in the trash and drinks half a pitcher of water.)

Doan: Don't be rude! * bite * .................. Yuck! ( does the same thing Nick did)

Akari: I don't think I want my cookie now...

Prudence and Gremmie stops at many houses. The same thing happened at each house.

--- back at the Wheeler house---

Prudence: I think we did a good job today.

Gremmie: You said it.


And they didn't notice the angry mob outside.