Luthien: No one could find it.

(Luthien united rope on Scooter's legs & arms)

Scooter: i'm free? now we have something to eat?

Luthien: You're hired.

Scooter: You can't fire me, i'm not fired anymore.

Luthien: Ohh, i'm not you, you're hired.

Scooter: Okay.

Luthien: i was looking for this?

Scooter: Dude, you shouldn't buy those?

Luthien: We're looking for your friend named Tianna, your friend.

Scooter: Yeah, uh-oh.

Luthien: What.

Scooter: How much longer can we possibly all be so happy together?

Luthien: Who knows.

Scooter: Does it matter? -in law at the gulch-

Jane: i'm serious, it's a boisterous thing, collarless stray, and there's nothing to seperate you from any collarless stray on the street.

Scooter: Well, i've got an idea.

Candy: What idea, yours, what happen to the "Don't talk to strangers".

Scooter: I heard nothing about puppies, none of you could stop me from taking those puppies away from me, i love puppies & kittens.

Luthien: Oh Snap, now you can slurp, till it flat.

Alice: Do you even know what you're talking about.

Scooter & Luthien: No.

Alice: Then come in, welcome to your new home.

(Scooter & Luthien comes in the gulch hotel and ask Alice and Clover can not gagged Utah & Radlynn)

Alice: Okay, Jacquiline, Take her to gulch prison.

(Jacquiline pour the water on gulch prison and gagged Yippy with cleaves and tape and tied her with ropes and throw her to gulch prison with water)

Scooter: What are we gonna do?

Luthien: You know what we can do is to rescue her, man.

Alice: All right, the rules, the rule is, no spitting, no biting, no scratching, no kicking, no burping, and more than everything, and no cheating.

Luthien: Awww.

Scooter: It's not fair.

Clover: Stop arguing, you can always be the same team.

Scooter & Luthien: Yay!!!

(Jane comes in the gulch hotel)

Jane: Hello, that's the scream.

(The End)