Scooter: I'll go to the wingeria to have some dinner.

(in the wingeria)

Scooter: I'll have 3 honey mustard wings, 3 celery, 6 carrots.

Mandi: Scooter hates whipped cream so I will give her a plate of whipped cream.

(Mandi gives Scooter a plate of whipped cream)

Mandi: I finally made it.

Scooter: Why did you give me this?

Mandi: Because you hate whipped cream.

(goes outside)

Penny and the employees: We'll cover Scooter in whipped cream!

Scooter: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Penny and the employees spray some cream on her face, then sprays a line on her shirt)

Scooter: Fine, I'll take a shower.

(Scooter goes home to take a shower)