Scooter: Nah, i want 6 donuts to eat with...Nick.

Nick: Scooter, let's not act silly about it.

Tohru: -Coughing- -Puking- im okay -Puking-

Scooter: No Puking, No Phones, No iPod, No Drugs, And No Startin' To Fuck.

Nick: I beg your pardon, scooter, but your bad word isn't gonna help.

Akari: Wassup.

Peggy: Yeah, Wassup.

Scooter: okay -reading- Tuition is handled by some random nigga that live in Atlanta that was the only one where he feels obligated admitted it to me the first time we dated but he was no angel And we never waited I took him for sushi he wanted to fuck So we took it to go, told them don't even plate it, And we never talk too much after I blew up Just only "hello" or "happy belated" And he think he text me and told me he love me And i text and told him i prayed it And he think he text and told me he ask me And i think i text and told him i'm faded He asked What could i make it for doing work since getting richer i worked with the negatives worked for better pictures I learned Hennessy and enemies is one hell of a mixture Even tought it's fucked up, boy, you're still fucking wit' me, Damn, is it the fall, time for me to revisit the past, It's men to call There's albums to drop, there's liquor involved, There's stories to tell, we've been through it all Interviews are like confessions Get the fuck up out my dressing room, confusing me with questions like: Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? Are you single? I heard you fucked your girl, is it true? You getting money? You think them niggas you with is with you? And I say? Hell Yea' Fucking Right, Fuckin' Right, All Right.

Nick: Scooter, if you are having sex with me, then i'm not going to tell my parents anymore, it's fucked up, im still fucking with you and yippy.

Yippy: Scooter, that was sweet, Nick was still fucking with you and me, okay.

Scooter: Okay.

Allan: Nick, I saved my girlfriend that i just saved her.

Nick: She looks at the mouse that one who is alive.

Scooter: i was homeless and sick, Feel a bit creepy... i'm scared.

Nick: Scooter, Don't Worry... My Mom can help you... But later Rita will kidnap you but in 12 minutes i'm here to rescue you.

Allan: Scooter, are you having sex with Nick.

Scooter: Yeah.

Rita: Nyan... Nyan... Nyan? Bring Me Your Soul?

Allan: Aw, Man?

Scooter: Jeez, Dude Chill, I've got this, i'll kill it easy. -pull out her knives-

Rita: -Pull out her sunglasses- you've just messed with the wrong guy, motherfuckar. -kidnap scooter-

Nick: Scooter, No, Hey, Come Back.


Rita: Hahaha, Time to put the duct tape to your mouth, Scooter.

Scooter: No, Don't Do It.

Rita: Scooter, Don't you cry.

Cecilia: Rita, why did you put this on youtube if you don't like the comment?

Rita: Why comment if we can't use proper grammer?

Cecilia: -crying- i've been doing something for 2 weeks?

Scooter: -crying- Hmmmph Mmmmph!

Rita: Don't Cry, It's gonna be all right.

Cecilia: Scooter, Don't Cry.

Rita: Scooter, it's all right, you've got 28 botox that you didn't steal.

Penny: Did somebody get that frog out of my dress, it's bugging me, get it out.

Zoe: Scooter, Guess What I found, your panties, socks & bra that you can wear.

Scooter: Mmmmph Mmmmmmph.

Zoe: Yes, You Can Put This On, first you have to take your clothes off and put it in your bag.

Scooter: mmmphh.

Penny: say "Merry Christmas." Please.

Scooter: Nmmpph!!!!