(Scooter watching a Mario short When Johnny comes in)

Scooter after the bad dream

Scooter After Her Bad Dream

Johnny: Time for bed!

Scooter But i'm watching this.

Johnny: You can watch it tomorrow, just go to bed.

Scooter: Ok.

(I'n Scooter's dream)


(A boo comes out)

scooter- aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Scooter: EEKK!

(A koopa comes out)

Scooter: AHHH!

(A flying head of an ugly mario comes out)

Ugly Mario: I'ma Bet You Can Do This!

(Scooter Wakes Up In Terror And Walks To Johnny And Allan's Bedroom Where They Where Asleep Then Allan Was Awaken By The Door)

Allan: Scooter What Are You Doing In Our Bedroom It's 2:45 In The Morning?

Scooter: Actully I Had A Bad Dream

Allan: Oh Well...

(Allan Pushes Johnny And He Wakes Up)

Johnny: Wha-Whu-Mhu What Is It

Allan: Scootie Had A Bad Bream

(Johnny Looks At Scooter Depressed)

Johnny: Aww Well Why Don't You Sleep With Allan

Allan: Yeah Wait What

(Scooter Gets In Bed With Allan And Snuggles In With Her Pillow And Falls Asleep)

Allan: Good Night Little Sis

(Allan And Johnny Falls Asleep)

the end