Scooter: i released my Trolling Prank is an Damn choice on monday, sometimes it's a real vids here on monday, but the Thursday video is 100%, So shut your mouth and enjoy my vids.

-on cell phone-

Scooter: Hello.

Nick: Hi.

Scooter: Uh, i was having a mustard or a hot sauce in my burger or wings or i was like to pick one of those treat, you're a manager there, you obviously have to run there all the time, i guess not, printing my swag papers, and a wrapper myself or i got a burwick that one doesn't got feces so the ticket haven't sold out and if i got any kind of burwick of the wrapper itself, so if my ass won't stay tight hyfr, so if i got added so many labels in my shopping bag of course, but im SRS, no one stole my life.

Nick: what the heck did you say.

Scooter: Feces & Burwick.

Nick: yeah, right, you're really high right now, but i do give a fuck, bye. -hangs up-