Scooter: I... DID... IT... Rescued... Kingsley... (gasp, wheeze)

Ninjoy: Next time, do it a little faster, will you?

Scooter: Hey, I spent the last 5 hours, saving all of your sorry butts, and this is how I get rewarded? I'm hungry, I'm tired, I need to go to the bathroom.

Rita: There's one around back.

Scooter: Okay thanks.

5 minutes later...

(toilet flushes)

Scooter: Okay, does anyone have any foo-huh?

???: Hello.

Scooter: Mordecai! Rigby! DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD ON YOU?

Mordecai: Actually, yeah. Um, I've got some blueberries.

Rigby: Rigby has saltines.

Scooter: Anything better?

Mordecai: Oh, cool. Old mac and cheese! I'm gonna go heat this up. (plugs in microwave)

Scooter: How can she carry a microwave around?

Rigby: She always has useful stuff in there. She can carry it because she lifts a lot of weights.

Scooter: Whoa. No wonder she can lift up Kahuna.

Kahuna: Um, hello? I resent that!

Scooter: Sorry. I didn't mean any offense to you.

Kahuna: It's alright.

Mordecai: And... It's done!

Scooter: Already? That was quick.

Mordecai: It's a cartoon! Roll with it.

Rigby: She's right.

Scooter: (wolfs down mac and cheese) Anything more?

Mordecai: Mmph. One sec. (climbs into backpack) 

Rigby: Mordo! Wait up! (climbs into backpack)

Scooter: What? (climb into backpack) Where am I?

Mordecai: Your in my backpack.

Scooter: How is this possible?

Mordecai: (facepalms) Again, it's a cartoon! Roll with it.

Rigby: Again, she's right.

Mordecai: There's some pudding over there. Don't eat the vanilla. Please.

Scooter: Okay. (walks over to pudding) I think she said not to eat the tapioca. (eats vanilla pudding then faints)

Penny: Wake up!

Scooter: Huh? Where am I?

Penny: Still in the Burgeria.

Mordecai: I told you not to eat the vanilla! It has a poison that makes you slightly overweight!

Scooter: No wonder I feel heavier than usual. Wait, what? Overweight? No!

Mordecai: Only slightly. It's not gonna make you fat, just heavier.

Scooter: Is there a cure?

Mordecai: Hmm, not that I know of.

Penny: Hang tight cousin, we'll find a cure.

Ninjoy: Wait (shakes head), cousins?

Scooter: Yeah. Everybody knows.

Ninjoy: I was never told! Warrior mind... shutting down... (falls)

Mordecai: I think you overrided her brain... (looks down) Yep. (splashes water on Ninjoy)

Ninjoy: Gah-huh? Ugh, I just had the weirdest dream.

Mordecai: Ooooh, is it one of those dreams where everyone realizes you don't have pants on? I hate that one!

Ninjoy: No. Penny and Scooter were cousins!

Scooter: Um, I hate to say this... Oh who am I kidding, I love saying this... That wasn't a dream! Me and Penny are cousins! Don't you dare faint again! 

Ninjoy: You are? Oh, no...

Mordecai: Scooter, Penny, Rigby, follow me! Fine Ninjoy, you can come with.

Ninjoy: Yay! 

They go into the woods.

Mordecai: Scooter, pick up your feet.

Scooter: No. I don't wanna.

Mordecai: Looks like I'll have to carry you. (picks up Scooter)

Scooter: This is embarassing.

Mordecai: Oh, we're here. Here's the hut. (knocks on door)

???: Yes?

Mordecai: Hi Dusty.

Dusty: Hey Mordo! How can I help you?

Mordecai: Scooter here ate my vanilla pudding. I was hoping you had the cure.

Dusty: Apparentely, I do. Follow me!

Penny: Um, Mordo? Why does she look like that?

Mordecai: She's my dog. I took her to Fitz, and now she's like this.

Penny: Oh.

Dusty: Cure's right here. (mixes flower with fish scales and apple skin) Pokani Be Hasa, Umbata! (pours it into bottle) Have Scooter drink this.

Mordecai: Thanks, Dusty.

Dusty: Anytime, Mordo. Anytime.

(they leave) 

Mordecai: Here Scooter. Drink this.

Scooter: Okay. (drinks potion) Huh. It's not that bad.

Mordecai: Don't drink too much of it, okay? It'll make you too light if you do

Scooter: Okay.

(they go back to the burgeria)

Mordecai: (singsong) We're baaack!

Scooter: *Yawn* All this adventure really took the energy out of me. (lies down)

Penny: I'll take over. Goodnight, cousin.


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