Scooter: Konichiwa.

Maggie: Ni hao.

Sasha: Namaste.

Scooter: @#$!

Sasha: @#$@%!

Rita: Scooter, Put the Gun down.

Scooter: Okay, i can't take this shit no more.

Mary: You ASSHOLES just taped child abuse.

Scooter: You should think before you do something like that to your child.

Maggie: You are lucky you didn't get arrested.

Skyler: May you rott in hell

Sasha: Maybe you should think in that little fuckin brain of yours.

Wendy: Then you don't CARE when she's start crying her head off.

Cecilia: You and the guy behind the camera are idiots to think this is YouTube material.

Rita: You've hurt her more than help her!

Scooter: i will go back and catch one of my ideas.

Cecilia: You're a terrible mother and may you rot in hell!

Marty: You really don't understand that son of a bitch! do you!

Rita: Do you mind?

Scooter: Sayonara, Amigos?