Trishna: What's This? You're Not Eating This.

Scarlett: You waste food and you have bad luck.

Trishna: Waste food your husbands breasting you will be pepsi.

Scarlett: More bad luck and if you saw 2 black cats, meow, having sex, im on a ladder on friday this thirteen, and you got so ruff, so ruff, then it broke a mirror and that goes for you too.

Scooter: Okay. -Eat her food- Happy.

Trishna: Not quite yet.

Scooter: What else do you want.

Trishna: My food. Gosh darn it.

Scarlett: Burgers are ready!

Venix: wow awesome.

Derpy Guy: You want some drinks?

Julia: Uh, yeah.

Dexter: Hell yea.

Trishna: is there coconuts in here.

Scooter: Can you please stop yelling you spitting my food. And can you not stare at me while i eat.

Sasha: Paul!

Big Pauly: yes your majesty.

Ninjoy: And you're napped.