Scooter: What time is it?....ADVENTURE TIME?

Nick: Heck Yea, and what are you dying your hair purple...just to match yer slurpee, Scooter.

Scooter: Okay.

Midnight Blaze: Hey, Watch yer have no right to snoop through your things?

Cecilia: YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS? cuz we cannot play the game? Dammit? You're counting on us.

Rita: Yeah, honestly, i am more excited to force a few friends to have dinner and they go to noraebang with you and me....You make a great know what...don't play dumb, you know there's more to it than that...-drinks don't play dumb...Just like that.

Nick: Wait a minute...ahhhhhh.....oh come on?

Scooter: Pick up my poop, PICK UP MY POOP!

Nick: i'm not picking up yer poop?

Wendy: Hey you? Pick up that poop!

Bruna: i'll pick up your poop, Scooter.

Maggie: Scooter, bad little girl.

Kayla: You're Grounded For Life?

Scooter: I'M BLIND! NO!!!

CoolA: That was it, Scooter, your code is 90210.

Penny: That's Funny, CoolA, stop sharing secrets.

Alberto: aha, i got ya.

Scooter: Ow, my eye hurts...IM BLIND! NO!!! 

Cecilia: Hold? What's going on here?!

Scooter: Nothing.

Cecilia: Me and my Sister are Police Officer.

Lisa: Tee Hee, My Hero.

CoolA: *le mocking* Magniloquently removed.

Cecilia: A bullet from my gun is driving me crazy, please don't.

Scooter: Breeze in the trap, Breeze in the trap starts with all.

Maggie: Scooter, it's gonna be all right.

Mindy: Well, well, well, if is isn't Alberto and Penny.

Mitch: Ha! You're Not Going Anywhere!

Mindy: What's near, ha, forget them!

Ninjoy: Excuse Me, i need Ketchup.

Foodini: Can we do nacho revolution.

Rita: Okay.

Scooter: Omg, he making me ill.

Radlynn: I think your hair look really good.

Scooter: Uh, i don't care what they are going to betray us.

Shannon: You Don't Need To Be So Mean.

Scooter: Shannon, you're time is over, you have no longer to make my face turn red?!

Radlynn: Don't Talk To Shannon Like That?

Shannon: And now you're defending me.


Radlynn: y'know what, Scooter, don't ever f__k this sh!t. I'M OUTTA HERE?

(Door Slammed)

Shannon: Maggie, am i was the sane in a world.

Maggie: Whatever that means.

Shannon: Maggie, you're the girl that was not crazy at school, but i- i- i want to be alone right now.

(Door Clicked)

Scooter: You want some of this? 

Maggie: Yeah, Said who.

Scooter: Well, better luck next time, don't ever do that again?

Maggie: But...i?

Scooter: No Buts!?! Never speak to me again!?

(Door Slammed)

the end