Cecilia: Scooter, you've been a very good sport, you're muffling, it's your business if i know it's so good for me to take care of you.

Rita: Cecilia, we'll be going in like 2 minutes to go.

Sasha: Scooter? Where Are You? I've been looking for you and nick.

Ninjoy: Scooter? 


Willow: Chuck! Hand Me Your Things & Get Back To Work?

Chuck: Okay, I prayed it.


Cecilia: Scooter, It's okay.

Scooter: Mmmmph!

Rita: Cecilia, why did you need to protect my sandwich.

Cecilia: Yeah, Hurry Up, i don't wanna be late.

Maggie: what was that, was that speeding camera, no?

Scooter: mmmmmph!

Ivy: Scooter, did you know it if you're earn 198867.43$ that you've get in your room, i'll take my glasses if you do believe me to.

Nick: Scooter, i'm about to get it and if i thought it, i'm gonna let you out of here if you calm down.

Scooter -take tape off my mouth- okay.

Nick: Scooter, let's go home.

(Later 30 mins)

Scooter: i wanted my chicken extra crispy, this change is 6.45$.

Nick: your change is 6.45$, Here you go.

Scooter: Thank you.

Nick: (On Loudspeaker) Attention, You're now under control, now you're wild to go nuts.

Rita: Prepare to be alive.

Scooter: Prepare to die.

Nick: Enough? Silence? Scooter, Watch Your Language.

Scooter: Sorry.

Cecilia: Aw, Man, i wanted my chicken extra grilled, this change is 6.78$.

Nick: all right, that was 6.78$ for your chicken.

Cecilia: Thanks.

Lisa: I want chicken, drinks, and fries please... i really want my chicken to be extra crispy... this change is 8.45$.

Nick: Okay, that's 8.45$ for this one, so when if you're ready, i'll make a deal with you, your change is 8.45$.

Lisa: Wow, Thanks So Much.

Nick: Boss, there's 1 more happy customers.

Greg: Okay.

Mitch: All right... i got blood on my lips outside.

Greg: That's not cool.

Clover: I wanted my chicken extra grilled, drinks, and fries with cheese and gravy like poutine please, this change 10.45$.

Greg: That's 10.45$ for your food, enjoy it.

Clover: Wow, Thanks.