Clover wakes up in the morning

Clover:Yess! last day of school when i return i'll be 7th grade!

Clover:im going to wear my best to school

Kay's House

Sasha:Yay! final day of school 7th grade here i come

Taylor:8th grade here i come!

Everybody gathered around gignate high

Clover:hey sasha,utah wanna soda on the last day

Sasha and utah:Sure!

Clover:I got one fizzo one purble burple and one hyper green

Sasha:lets drink!

Clover parks her bike

the school bell rang

Clover put her helmet,rucksack and mobile phone in her locker

Mrs lovadill let everybody have fun for the day

Sasha,clover an utah make paper planes

everybody went into the playground

Sasha,utah and clover play on the monkey bars

Clover shows some swinging tricks on the monkey bars

then it was time to go home

Sasha and utah's parents picked them up while clover ride her bike home on her own

Clover:Summmer Holidays!