Sarge Kid!== Sarge Kid! is a 6 years old child who first Appeared in Papa's Pizzeria.He is an chubby boy.he caged in Papa Louie 2:When Burgers Attacks! at Level X part two.


Sarge Fan:His Father

Radlynn:His Mother

Sagie Jr.:His eldest Brother

Radlya:His eldest Sister

Sarge Co:His older Brother

Radla:His older Sister

Radley Madish:His Grandfather

Radpamana:His Grandmother

Sargo:His late grandfather

Sarga:His late Grandmother

Favorite Holiday:

Onion Fest(Papa's Cupcakeria)

Halloween(Papa's Pastaria)

Flidpeck Info:

This crazy 6 year old boy is Sarge Fan and Radlynn's youngest son.He is eating onions playing video games,reading comics and playing with is older siblings.His grandfather Radley Madish is very Crazy like him.But he don't like his eldest brother because it's always angry.He joined Papa's Next Chefs 2013.He wins in Rico and Allan.In round 2 he wins in Cooper along with Yippy.In round 3.He wins in Roy and lose in James.


Sarge Kid wears an Oinon Knit hat.He has a violet eyebrows.White Tank,violet armbands.(Cupcakeria and Pastaria only).Lime green shorts and Maroon shoes with Lime Green laces.


Papa's Pizzeria:

12 Pepperonis

13 Onions

12 Sausages

12 Anchovies

37.5 minutes

Sliced into 8pieces

Papa's Burgeria:

Bottom Bun




Well done patty


BBQ Sauce

Top Bun

Papa's Taco Mia:







Loco Sauce

Sour cream

Papa's Freezeria:

Large Cup

Pine Apples

Rainbow Sherbet

Choco Cream

6 Onion Gummies

Papa's Pancakeria:

5 Waffles with bacon

Whiped Cream

Maple Syrup

Chocolate Chips

3 Strawberries

Papa's Burgeria HD:

Bottom Bun

Onion Ring

Onion Ring

Onion Ring

Awesome Sauce

Well Done Patty

Awesome Sauce


Top Bun

Papa's Wingeria:

8 Wild Onion Shrimps

8 Honey Mustard Boneless Wings

8 French Fries

2 Awesome Sauce

2 Blue Cheese

Papa's Hotdoggeria:

Cheddarwurst in a Pretzel Bun




Wild Onion Sauce

Large Root Beer

Large Cotton Puffs

Papa's Cupcakeria:

Lyner A (Sarge's Sighn)

Cupcake 1:

Lemon Cake (Kiwi Cake in other holiday)

Green Frosting

Sarge Gobstopper

Purple Burple Drizzle

2 Sourballs

1 Onion Gummy

Cupcake 2:

Teal Frosting

Lemon Cake(Kiwi Cake in other holiday)

Sarge Gobstopper

3 Sourballs

Papa's Freezeria HD:

Large Cup

Birthday Cake

Blue Moon Syrup

Chocolate Whiped Cream

2 Waffle Cones

1 Gummy Onion

Papa's Pastaria:


3 Cheese Sauce

12 Onion

12 Shrimps

Crushida Pepper


Papa's Snowcuperia

Extra Large

Root Beer


Gummy Onion

Papa's Next Chefs:

In Cupcakeria,he won in Rico and Allan

In Round 2 he won in Cooper along with Yippy

In Round 3 he lose in James


He is the first customer who is Sarge Fan and Radlynn's son.

He is the first kid customer who has a relative on Radley Madish.

He is the fifth child in the Madish Family.

He is the third customer who have no eyes,but his older siblings like him but all of them are not customers.

Both Sarge Fan,Radlynn and he(fans of sarge and radley Madish)

He is only ordered cotton puffs in hotdoggeria has a relative on Radley Madish.

He is the first customer who is only in dining room ordering in Pastaria:

Unlockable toppings with him:

In Cupcakeria he unlocked with Kiwi cake

In Wingeria he unlocked with Awesome sauce.

Ranks Required to unlock him:

Papa's Pizzeria:12

Papa's Burgeria:10

Papa's Taco Mia:2

Papa's Freezeria:5

Papa's Pancakeria:8

Papa's Wingeria:6

Papa's Hotdoggeria:9

Papa's Cupcakeria:22

Papa's Pastaria:34