Quinn: Ok Boys Time For Bed
  • Sarge Fan Outside His Bad Dream (Notice Sarge Fan's Not Sweating)
  • In Sarge Fan's Bad Dream And Outside Sarge Fan's Bad Dream
  • Foodini Comforting Sarge Fan!

Mitch, Chuck and Sarge Fan!: Ok Mom

Foodini: Ok Baby

Quinn: Not Dad

(Foodini Pouts)

(In Sarge Fan!'s Bad Dream)

Sarge: Joey Toplaw Come To Me

Sarge Fan!: Sarge!

Sarge: Yes It's Me Sarge

Sarge presses a button and it results Sarge Fan! in a lava pool

(Sarge Fan Wakes Up Crying Then Foodini Wakes Up And Runs To The Boys Room Without His Top Hat On)

Foodini: What's Wrong Joey?

Sarge Fan!: I Had A Bad Dream Duddie

(Sarge Fan! Runs To Foodini And Hugs Him Then Foodini Conforts Him)

Foodini: It'll Be Ok Joey It'll Be Ok...

(Foodini Carries Sarge Fan! Back To His Bed)

Foodini: I Love You Little Mister

Sarge Fan!: I Love You Big Mister

Foodini: I'll See You In The Morning (Kisses Him On The Cheek)

Sarge Fan!: Ok

(Foodini Leaves The Room)

Sarge Fan! (Singing Quietly): Some Nights I Stay Up Cashing In My (Yawns) Bad Luck (Sarge Fan! Drifts To Sleep)

The End