Rosie is a spoiled ,selfish, rich girl new to Yippy's school. She is always teasing people who wear bad clothes, has hairy legs etc.

She has shoulder-short blonde hair like Yippy. She always wears expensive clothing, and she never wears the same thing twice, which explains why she has 14 closets. She hates Yippy, because of Rosie's big secret: she is jealous of Yippy. So, to get what she wanted, she pushed her in a race, as revealed in Penny goes to Prudence's house.

likes: Herself, expensive clothing, shopping,her phone,and showing off.

dislikes: Wheeler children ( Prudence, because Rosie is jealous of her, Gremmie, because she doesn't like how he dresses at all, and Yippy, because well, they are enemies.) , Her old clothes, not getting what she wants, people telling her that she is spoiled