okay.. according to the flipdeck, it says that Robby got stranded on an island and got recued by captain cori. now, let's just hear the ENTIRE story.

it is a saturday morning. robby wakes up.

robby: *yawn*  ..... 7:00 a.m. already?

robby got out of bed. soon it was lunch time. since (according to flipdeck) he lives in an apartment above papa's pizzeria, he went down there for lunch.

robby: hello. I would like a pizza, please.

roy: sure. coming right up.

soon the pizza was ready. he heads back up to his room and sat the pizza on the table. then he got a plate and started eating.


but at the end of the month, he recieves some VERY shocking news...

robby: oh no! I used all my rent money on pizzas! (has a nervous breakdown) I could end up homeless, pizzaless... stranded on an island when I least expect it... I KNOW... I'LL GET A JOB!

so he gets a job at a place for catching shrimp.

robby: this looks like an ok job.

so he signed up and  and got on the fishing ship.

shrimp worker 1: hey kid, are you a bit too  young? 

shrimp worker 2: yeah, kid.

robby: hey.. how old are you?

both shrimp workers: 80

robby: don't know how to respond to that...

so they were sailing along the ocean blue until the sky started turning gray.

both shrimp workers: oh no.. we should turn back { one turns steering wheel}.

but it was too late. the ship started to sink.



foodini: welcome to customers interviews and today, we are going to interview radlynn and sarge d. fan!.

sarge fan!: hi. all l want to say is that sarge is awesome. sarge.

radlynn: hey.... madly radish is MUCH better in so many ways.

sarge fan!: hey are you challenging me?!

radlynn: oh, you are ON.

  • close curtain*

foodini: well, that ends it ! see you another time!                                         *BOOM*


the ship was sinking.

both shrimp workers: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


robby found himself stranded on an island.

robby: hello? aw, my life sucks.

after three lonely years, a huge ( I mean, HUGE ) boat came ashore.

captain cori: hey, kid , what the heck are you doing here?!

robby: stranded.

captain cori:... hey, you can come with me. but don't take too long, though because the tourists are

already getting angry.

chuck: hey, whats the hold up, man?

quinn: I have no time for this.

sarge fan: I paid 100 dollars for this and we are still in the ocean? I mean, come on!  calypso island is

just over there!

tourists: comon blah let's go blah hurry up blah blah blah

captain cori: hurry up.

robby: okay okay.

so robby was rescued by captain cori and went to calypso island to try out papa's freezeria.

  • THE END*