Now I know I may not know all the brigade and the family stuff, I'm here to just write stuff. This is my first fan fic, so please don't criticize it. Thank you.


Robby: Dadadadada...random day in Tastyville-

Mindy: *walks up* Hi, Robby!

Robby: *turns a bit pink* Hi, Mindy!

Mindy: *giggle* *walks away*

Ninjoy: *hiding* *looks* Dang! It's that Mindy person....better make her a fool somehow...I cannot tolerate her being with Robby! Hmm....

Mindy: *walks*

Ninjoy: Aha! *puts rope on floor with a pie*

Mindy: Lalala! *trips* AH! *face lands in pie*


Robby: *sees Ninjoy*

Ninjoy: Well, hello, Robby!

Robby: *turns pink again* Oh, hi!

Ninjoy: *trying to look all innocent* *walks away*

Mindy: *looks up* Aha! I knew it! Ninjoy, trying to make me look bad!

---the next day---

Mindy: There she is!

Ninjoy: *walking by*

Mindy: *throws hairdryer at*

Ninjoy: AHH! *falls*

Mindy: That's what you get for making me look bad in front of Robby!

Ninjoy: Well, then! *throws shuriken at*

Mindy: *dodges* Oh my gosh, that was close! Come at me, you little *bleep*!

Ninjoy: *bleep* you! *hits Mindy*

Me (CoolA): This is entertaining. For those of you reading this, I blame the person who typed this stuff. Oh wait, that's me! Enjoy the *bleep*ing show!

Robby: *comes up* Woah! Guys! Stop fighting!

Mindy and Ninjoy: *stops fighting* Robby! Pick me as your girlfriend! Pick me!

Robby: Stop fighting then!

Mindy and Ninjoy: Choose me!

Robby: Fine....I choose.....uh.....

Ninjoy: Robby! You remember what I am? I am evil! And I can even destroy you, but I won't if you pick me!

Robby: Well, okay then! I-

Mindy: No! Don't listen! You're a good person, Robby! Don't listen and follow evil!

Robby: Uh......

Robby: I......choose........MINDY!

Ninjoy: WHAT!?

Mindy: *jumps in joy* YES!

Ninjoy: No....this will not be a happy day......

Mindy and Robby: Huh?

Ninjoy: If I can't date Robby.......NO ONE CAN!

Mindy and Robby: *gasp*

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