A new girl came to gignate high

Miss Lovadill:Okay Class we have a new arrival today

Miss Lovadill:It is a Girl,13 and her name is nicky

they introduced their names to her

Clover:my name is clover

Sasha:my name is sasha

Utah:my name is utah

Joey:my name is joey

Scooter:my name is scooter

Radlynn:My name is radlynn

Greg:my name is greg

nick:my name is nick

Nicky:you and i almost have the same name

after school

Clover:Hey Marty a new girl came to our school

Nicky:i am nicky

Clover:this is my brother's Girlfriend Rita

Rita:Clover,who is this

Clover:its nicky

Rita:nicky i don't even know who you are