Sleeping alberto and rita

Sleeping Alberto And Rita

(in bad dream)

Rita: Oohh! Marty called me and asked me out!!

Ninjoy captures and disguises as Marty and they go the Taco Mia. Rita: Marty, I'm gonna order the tacos.

Ninjoy: Okay.

The tacos come.

Rita: Marty, I'm gonna run to the bathroom. Ninjoy: Okay Rita. While Rita is in the bathroom,Ninjoy puts a ninja star in her taco. Rita comes back. She eats her taco.

Rita: Isnt this roman... OHH!! CRAP!! Rita dies

Ninjoy: Muhahaha!!!

Now Marty can date ME instead of that crummy Rita!

Marty comes to the Taco Mia and sees the dead Rita on the floor.

Marty: OH NO!!! RITAS DEAD!!!

Ninjoy Who cares about her? You can date me.


Marty takes Rita to the hospital and revives her.

Marty: Oh Rita!! Your alive!! That crummy Ninjoy disguised as me and put a ninja star in your taco when you were in the bathroom.

Rita: Marty!!!! I love you so much!! They kiss on the lips in the moonlight.

(Rita wakes up)

Rita: AHHHHH!! Woah! That was a bad dream!

She goes to Alberto's bed.

Rita: Alberto, can I sleep with you? I had a bad dream.

Alberto: Okay Rita.



  • .It is more of a good dream than a bad dream.