Roy: -On TV- Now it's time for some moves...Up Away From You.

Peggy: -On TV- Now it's your turn, go, roy, get some lemonade.

Foodini: Yay, go roy, get some garden cocktail juice, it's so zesty when i drink it.

Roy: -On TV- Okay.


Rico: Papa, You're Incredible.

Big Pauly: Papa, have you got emo chain, my hair is turns to emo too.

Papa Louie: Yep, actally i got a cat.

Georgito: Excuse Me, i got 22 problems.

Papa Louie: i got 100 problems but my swag ain't one too.

Kingsley: Whoa, Pauly, your hair color was black and it's turning to emo, well, my hair color was black too when my hair was turning to emo.

Jojo: Guess Who's Back... my menu book...go on and read it.

Hugo: jojo, i love ur menu book

Jojo: Thank u very much, hugo.

Foodini: partner just turned into a emo guy...that's terrific.

Hank: Hello, Just Because we don't have ears doesn't mean we can't hear you.

Timm: Stay Away From Us.

Mary: Olga, Please Get Up.

Kayla: Shhh... she sleeping.

Kahuna: Hello, Ladies?

Captain Cori: Kissing?!

Olga: No Kissing?!

Mary: Ahhh! Help Me!

Timm: i will rescue you, mary?

-At Wedding at 2010- 

Ninjoy: Edoardo, you may kiss the bride

Olga: -kisses edoardo-

Mary: No Kissing.