Rico: Time, to make the yummiest and best chilli in Tastyville!

Georgito: Yes!

Rico goes and gets his motorbike.

Rico: I will be back in a few hours!

Georgito: Ok!

Rico: First stop: Foodini's house!

Rico climbes onto Foodini's chimney and he pours chilli down.

Rico: Next stop: Papa's house!

Rico climbes onto Papa Louie's chimney and he pours chilli down.

Rico: Next stop: The Pizzeria.

Rico goes into the Pizzeria and he pours chilli.

Roy: Oh no you don't!

Roy chases Rico with his car.

Rico: Next stop: Burgerburgh.

Rico goes into the Burgeria and he pours chilli.

Marty and Rita go into Roy's car and chase Rico.

Rico: Next stop: The Taco Mia!.

Rico goes into the Taco Mia! and pours chilli.

Mitch and Maggie go into Roy's car and chase Rico.

Rico: Next stop: Calypso Island!

(Rico pours chili everywhere)

Alberto:Hey,stop that!

(Alberto and Penny chase Rico)

Rico:Maple mountain!

Rico pours chili everywhere.

Prudence:He did not just do that!

Cooper:Get him!

(Cooper and prudence chase Rico in Coopers Nissan 370z)

Rico : Starlight City

(Rico pours chilli everywhere)

(Chuck and Mandi chase Rico)

Rico : The Griller Stadium

(Rico pours chilli everywhere)

(Taylor and Peggy chase Rico)

Rico : Ne...(sees a horde of trees) AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

(crashes into tree)

(cuts to The Brothers Bedroom)

Kahuna : Are you OK!!

Rico : Yes

Kahuna : You had a dream

Rico : Really

Kahuna : Yes! I couldn't wake you up

Rico : So nothing happenned

Kahuna : Nothing happened while you were snoring so loud!

Rico : So the quest to open Chiliria was a dream

Kahuna : Chiliria! That childish game!

Rico : It seemed so real though

Kahuna : That's because....

Rico : Because.......

Kahuna : IT WASENT REAL.....

Rico : ....!!!!!

Kahuna : .....!!!!!!!! Well i'm gonna go back to sleep night bro

(Kahuna goes back his bed and goes to sleep)

Rico : I'll get you, Papa, and you're chefs, for making my youngest hija a chef!

(Rico goes back to sleep)

(the end)