It happens in a graveyard.. That's all I can say... MYSTERIOUS!!! >:D


Allan: So Akari, how come we're hanging out in a graveyard?
Akari: We need six ponies people, or the Spell won't work,Allan! Penny killed Scooter and we've got to try to bring her back!
Allan: Man, you are one crazy talking airhead. [laughs]
Akari: I'm going to try a black magic resurrection spell.
Spike: How about you resurrect my p****? With sex.
Allan: What?
Akari: [reciting black magic] For thou who sleeps in stone and clay, heed this call, rise and obey. Trek unto the mortal door, assemble flesh, and walk once more!
[Spell resurrects a monster, who joins Jacksmith (lol...) in destroying the city. The two monsters high-five.]
Akari: Oops, guess that was the wrong spell.
Allan: Any more bright ideas, Einstein?
[canned laughter, honk. "That's Allan!"]
Akari: Oh, I'm full of ideas, Allan. I'm a genius!
Akari: Behold, the S-cooter 5000! Physically superior to Scooter in every way. I figure if we don't have the real Scooter, then building a Scooter is the next best thing!
Allan: You're an idiot.
[The robot comes to life]
S-cooter 5000: Crush. Kill. Destroy. Skate. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Skate. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Skate. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Skate. Crush...
Allan: Smooth moves, smart guy.
[canned laughter, honk. "That's Allan!"]
Akari: There's one last thing we haven't tried, Allan. One place where even a maverick mind like my own has feared to tread!
Allan: Uhh, Akari, you're starting to sound less like a maverick and... more like a maniac.
Akari: History is full of maniacs, my friend. Men and women of intellect, highly perceptive individuals whose brilliant minds knew neither restraint nor taboo. Such notions are the devils we must slay for the edification of mankind, even if said edification means violating the rules of decency, society, and righteousness itself.
Allan: Blah blah blah, keep talking, you stupid cripe.
Allan: Ugh.
Akari: Take her. We've got to get back to the lab before anypony sees us.
Allan: You're the boss.
[thunder clap]
[footsteps, thud]
Allan: Aw, this is seriously rad, dude.
[squishing sounds]
Akari: Listen closely, Allan. What happens here tonight must never leave this room, for if anyone were to know of this gross falseness of God's law, their ignorance would label this as the ultimate crime of hubris.
Allan: Are we gonna abuse it?
Akari: Allan, this is serious! You can't tell anyone, because we'll be in deep trouble -
Spike: Y'know, you can say "anybeing". Instead of "anybody". Frankly I don't see what the point of that is. I would've known what you had meant if you had said "anybeing". Seems to me like that's the kind of thing that everybody's doing just because everybody else is doing it. So...
Allan: What? Look, I'm cool, dude! I'm down! Okay? Frankly I'm just happy to be here today. Let's just zap this gal already, okay? I'm gettin' antsy. [in the distance] Give me a break today, huh? My girlfriend's trying to get me to quit weed.
[bubbling, zapping]
Akari: This is my favorite kind of magic!
[clacking sounds, squee]
Akari: Now, Allan, pull the switch!

       Allan: I've heard of shock humor but this is ridiculous!

[zapping continues]
'Akari': That's enough! Pull the power!
[machine powers down, sizzling, poof]
'Allan': Yo Scooter... y'allright?
'Akari': Ugh, I don't get it. In movies, when they shock dead bodies with lightning, they always come back to life. I thought it would be that simple!
'Allan': I guess it's true what they say: there really is no sense in beating a dead airhead.
'Akari': Oh well, go bury her again.
[Allan grunts, clang]
Allan: Didn't get me a birthday present last year. [Imitating Scooter] Freakin' wiiiiiiitch!
'Akari': Dear Papa Louie, today I learned... well, maybe I'll learn something tomorrow.
'Allan': Hey, how's about a wanna have a pizza pie? [canned laughter] That's my catchphrase.llan


  • This is a parody to hotdiggedydemon's Magic.Mov in the pony mov series.
  • Examing that Spike is potrayed as Allan, Twilight is portrayed as Akari, Fluttershy is portrayed by Penny, Rainbow Dash is portrayed by Scooter, Pinkie is portrayed by Utah, Rarity is portrayed by Bruna Romano, and Applejack is portrayed by Peggy.
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