(Cooper and Prudence are in an airplane 14,000 feet in the air)

Cooper: Ready for skydiving?

Prudence: Yes, I am.

Cooper: OK! (makes Prudence go down)

Prudence: (falling down) Have mercy, have mercy!!! Help!!!

Cecilia: You took Prudence skydiving?

Cooper: Yes. Why?

Cecilia: I think she deserves it.

(Prudence falls into a bucket of strawberry syrup, and she is crying)

Prudence: I better go take a shower. (takes a shower)

(Clover comes outside. Prudence lays down)

Clover: Hey, Prudence.

Prudence: Hey, Clover. What do you want to do?

Clover: Do you mind if I cover you with whipped cream?

Prudence: I don't mind.

(Clover sprays whipped cream on Prudence)

Prudence: This feels so good! I want more, I want more~!

Clover: You want more?

Prudence: Well, sure. Why not? It tastes good!

Clover: OK, here it goes!!!!!!!