(in prudence's bad dream)
  • Prudence Crying In Her Dream
  • Gremmie, Yippy, Prudence and Pickle At The End

Prudence: I am gonna get Pickle and we are gonna have a good walk to the Kid Brigade

Prudence goes to the cage where Pickle is.

Prudence: NOO!! Pickle is gone!

Gremmie: I did not take her.

Yippy: She's too cute to take!

Prudence stayed home and cried for hours.

Prudence: Pickle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Outside Prudence's Bad Dream In Olga's Bedroom Olga Was Sound Asleep Until She Heard Prudence's Crying And Woken Up)

Prudence: Pickle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where Are You????????????????

(Prudence Wakes Up Seeing Olga, Yippy and Gremmie)

Prudence: Oh Sorry Guy's Did I Wake You Guy's Up?

Gremmie: Yes You Did.

Prudence: Well I Had A Bad Dream I Lost Pickle Where Is She?

(Pickle wakes up and walks up to Prudence)

Prudence: My Pickle!

(Pickle Licks Prudence)

Prudence: Now I Can Go Back To Sleep.

(Prudence Lays Down And Pickle Gets Out A Little Pillow And Goes To Sleep Then Yippy And Gremmie Goes Back To Into Their Beds)

Olga: Good Night Darlings.

(The Three Falls Asleep And Olga Turns Off The Lights)

(back in the dream)

Derangio: Yes, Prudence. I disguised as you and captured pickle and stole your bag and gave them to Gian.

(Derangio morphs into prudence)

(prudence dodges past her)

Gian : Halt.

Prudence : What?

Cooper : (pops out of nowhere) COUSIN GIAN! GET AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!

(Cooper throws a banana bomb and it explodes and it attacked Gian)

Gian : Ow!

(Prudence takes pickle and her bag)

Gian : (telephones) Hi! Dr Clair. (nervously) take me to the hospital.

Prudence : Pickle! I missed you so much!

(Prudence takes pickle to the kid brigade)

(Prudence Wakes Up For The Sunrise)

Prudence: Pickle Wake Up It's Time To Watch The Sun Go Up!

(Pickle Wakes Up And Sits Next To Prudence The Sun Goes Up Then Yippy Wakes Up)

Yippy: Good Morning, Prudence And Pickle.

Gremmie (Talking In His Sleep): Good Morning. Maggie You Look Hot Today.

(Yippy Wakes Up Gremmie)

Gremmie: Oh, Good Morning, Ladies And Dog.

Yippy and Prudence: Good Morning!

Gremmie: Would You Like to See Y and the Alphabeats?

Yippy and Prudence: Yes! We Like to Go!

Gremmie: OK! Let's Go!


Y: How About You? Tell Me Something!




Y: Y Can Be a Vowel.

Vowels: Y Can Be a Vowel.

Y: Like A E I O U.

Vowels: Like A E I O U.

Y: Because Y Can Say.

Vowels: Y Can Say.

Y: Long I or E.

Vowels: Long I or E.

Y: WOW! Y Get the Vowel.

Vowels: Y Get the Vowel.

Y: Like Words Like My and in Try.

Vowels: My and in Try.

Y: And in Hazy and Lazyyyyyyy.

Vowels: Hazy and Lazy.



Y: Thank You, Good Night!


Max: Yippy! Prudence! Gremmie! Time for Breakfast!

Gremmie, Yippy and Prudence: We're Coming, Max!

The End