Plants vs Zombies: Papa Louie Is A Game Created By Both Popcap and Flipline Studios.It Will Be Launched In Both Popcap's N' Flipline Studios Wiki At October 15.EduKof

  • Peashooter-100 Sun
  • Sunflower-50 Sun
  • Wall-nut-50 Sun
  • Snow Pea-150 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Garlic-50 Sun
  • Potato Mine-25 Sun
  • Squash-50 Sun
  • Repeater-175 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Torchwood-150 Sun (Lower Price)


  • Puff-Shroom-0 Sun
  • Fume-Shroom-75 Sun
  • Fire-Puffshroom (NEW)- 25 Sun
  • Marigold-50 Sun
  • Hypno-Shroom-50 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Pumpkin-100 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Doom-Shroom-150 Sun (Higher Price,But Instead Of Recharging Very Slow Recharges Slow)
  • Grave Buster-50 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Sun-Shroom-25 Sun
  • Lily Pad-25 Sun


  • Tangle Kelp-50 Sun(Higher Price,But Instead Of Recharging Slow Recharges Fast)
  • Coffee Bean-50 Sun(Lower Price)
  • Electric Pea (NEW)-175 Sun
  • Tall-nut-100 Sun(Lower Price)
  • Kernelpult-100 Sun(Now Kernels Do Normal Damage And Butter Heavy Damage)
  • Jalapeno-125 Sun
  • Spikeweed-75 Sun(Lower Price)
  • Snow Repeater (NEW)-200 Sun
  • Chomper-150 Sun
  • Sea-shroom-0 Sun
  • Electro-Repeater (NEW)-250 Sun


  • Plantern-25 Sun(Now Recharges Fast)
  • Cactus-100 Sun(Lower Price)
  • Cabbagepult-100 Sun
  • Blover-100 Sun
  • Split Pea-125 Sun
  • Magnetshroom-100 Sun
  • Fire Fumeshroom (NEW)- 150 Sun
  • Scaredy Shroom-50 Sun(Higher Price, But Spores Do Normal x2 Damage)
  • Ice Shroom-125 Sun(Higher Price, But Now The Froze Dures 9.5 Seconds)
  • Starfruit-100 Sun (Lower Price)
  • Stink-Shroom (NEW)-100 Sun (Keeps A Ratio Of Zombies Out For A While
  • Flower Pot-0 Sun(Lower Price)


  • Tomatopult (NEW)-150 Sun
  • Grapepult (NEW)-100 Sun
  • Extreme-nut (NEW)-200 Sun
  • Melonpult-300 Sun
  • Umbrella Leaf-75 Sun(Lower Price
  • Rock Pea (NEW)-150 Sun
  • Threepeater-275 Sun(Lower Price)
  • Sixpeater (NEW)-400 Sun


  • Roy-100 sun(Throws pizza slices at the zombies)
  • Papa Louie-50 sun(Makes pizzas that turn into sun)
  • Pizzapult(NEW)-250 Sun
  • Water Pot(NEW)-25 Sun (Lets you plant aquatic plants on top of them)
  • Cherry Bomb-150 Sun (Now Damages A Big Area)
  • Pepperpult(NEW)-300 Sun (Sometimes Burns Zombies)
  • Garlicpult(NEW)-125 Sun
  • Icy Jalapeno(NEW)-175 Sun (Frozes For 15 Seconds All Zombies In 1 Lane)
  • Onionpult(NEW)-100 Sun
  • Breadpult(NEW)-150 Sun


  • Marty-225 Sun (Throw Multiples Burgers In Lanes)
  • Rita-175 Sun (Squirts Sauces In Lanes)

Taco Mia

  • Mitch: 175 Sun (Throws Tacos And Toppings In Lanes)
  • Maggie: 200 Sun (Throws Steak, Beef, Chicken And Pork In Lanes)

Calypso Outskirts


Maple Forest

Maple Mount.


Starlight City



Upgrade plants

Gatling pea(250 sun)

Twin sunflower(100 sun) (Lower Price)

Gatling Snow pea(NEW 325 sun)

Spikerock-125 Sun

Cob Cannon-475 Sun (Lower Price)

Winter Melon-200 Sun

Electro-Gatling Pea(New)-300 Sun

Cattail-200 Sun (Lower Price)

Gold Magnet-25 Sun(Lower Price)

Umbrella Tree(NEW)-75 Sun


  • Imitater (Cost,Recharge,Range and Damage As the Imitated Plant)