Penny: Oh, Alberto!

Alberto: (kisses Penny and hugs her)

Penny: Awww!

Alberto:What ever if Doing in Frezeria now?

penny:makeing Toppings And More!


(outside of Penny's dream Big Pauly heard Penny's giggling)

Penny: (wakes up at  6:00 AM) Wow, that was the best dream ever. I want to make that dream come true!

Big Pauly: Hi Penny. Breakfast is ready.

Penny: I had the best dream ever that Alberto kissed me!

Big Pauly: Well, good for you! 

Albeto:Im Your Freind Penny...

Penny: but we're goin to work in Freezeria.

Albeto: Yes!

(after Her dream)

Penny: oh! This is just a Good Dream...

(go to Freezeria)

Now we are rank 5! Told to Alberto.

Penny: I want my dream coming true!

Alberto: What was your dream?

Penny: You kissed me and said that we will make more toppings, syrups and mixables, and much more!

Alberto: At rank 6.

Penny: Now on the work!

Alberto: Okay

Penny: After the day I will go home to a dream.

THE NEXT DAY.............

Rank 6 

Penny: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Alberto: Smack 

Penny: Oh my god how many things!!!!

Alberto: Raspberry syrup!

Penny: Chocolate meringues!

Alberto: Blueberry whipped cream

Penny: Gummy worms syrup!

Alberto: Look there! Something red syrup!

Penny: What?

Alberto: Cherrysyrup

Penny: oh... =In her thoughts: If he kisses me again...=

Alberto: Look! It's Mandi!

Mandi: You have a lot of new things! I want a strawberry sundae with raspberry syrup, blended until it's smooth, with traditional whipped cream and 3 cherries!

(when done:)

Mandi: The raspberry tastes better than I thought!

Alberto: yay!!!! she likes raspberry syrup!

Penny: Best day EVER!!!!!

Penny goes home.

meanwhile, at munchmore:

Tilla: (on TV): Next up is Lilla Pollak, performing Teo's "Cheesecake!"

*Captain Lychee turns off the TV*

Captain Lychee: What a shame. It's Penny, at home, playing Criminal Case.

Cherkine: Really?

Captain Lychee: Yes. She is on "No Honor Among Thieves", that case where Danny Moto kills that guy in the bank!

Raspings: Well then let's destroy her computer and teach her a lesson NOT to play stupid games!

President Kiwi: Rasper. Warp the portal to Penny's house!

Rasper: Ok. Warp Key Spell!

He summons the portal.

Chekrine: Let's go!

The two bosses and their army goes to the portal.

The raspings eLectrocute the computer.


Rasper: Now, challenge with the customers! Can you beat them?

Captain Lychee: Okay, we go on!

They goes to find and Rasper flies back to munchmore and closes the portal.

Penny hears a strange beeping sound coming from the computer.

Computer Screen: There was an error trying to reboot your computer. Your hard drive might be broken.

Penny: Wait, what?

Alberto: Bosses came and attacked your computer!

Penny: Really?

Unknown Customer: We have to fight them!

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