(It started when Penny was going to Prudence's house)

Penny: I'm going to Prudence's house, Scooter.

Scooter: Ok Penny!

French Narrator: 15 meenetes later..........

Penny rings the doorbell

Prudence: Hello

Penny: Oh Hi Prudence

Prudence: Do you want to come in?

Penny: Yes

Prudence: Ok. Come in! Your welcome anytime!

(They both go into the Wheeler's house)

Prudence: Why don't you stay in a chair for a second.

Penny: Um ok

(Prudence goes to Yippy's bedroom & Yippy's on the phone)

Yippy: Are you sure Gian?

  • Hangs Up*

Prudence: Hello Yippy

Yippy: Hi

Prudence: Penny's here!

Yippy: Yay! Now I don't have to walk over to her house to deliver her cookies!

Prudence: Um.... Ok?

(In The Living Room)

Penny: I'm hungry, I never knew that!

(Yippy & Prudence comes in)

Prudence: Yippy has cookies for you!

Penny: Perfect timing! I'm hungry!

  • Penny Bites A Cookie*

Penny: YUM!

Yippy: Thanks! Um Penny?

Penny: Yup

Yippy: Can you help me pick the perfect dress to go to the School Dance? It's tonight.

Penny: SURE!

Yippy: YIPPY!

  • Penny Burps*

Penny: Mmm! These things are good! Um excuse me?

Prudence: LOL

Penny: Haha

Prudence: Oh look at the time! I gotta go to Panckeria! Bye!

Penny & Yippy: BYE!!

(Prudence leaves)

Penny: Ready to go to the mall?

Yippy: DUH!!!

(In Eureka's House)

Cooper: Yah I can help you...

Cooper: The mall it is!

(In The Mall)

Yippy: Penny this is gonna be fun!

Penny: Yippy, so you won't get lost hold on to my hand for safety purposes

Yippy: Ok!

Penny: Hey there's Cooper with Gian!

Cooper: That's Penny and Yippy!

Yippy: Hey!

Random Janitor: Get outta that spot! I cleaned that floor with wax and water!

Yippy: Sorry Sir, I gotta go.

Penny: Wow Yippy!

Yippy: Oh I know what your thinking of!

Penny: What?

Yippy: Your thinking that Gian and I are ....

Penny: Oh ok. Can we just shop and chit chat later?

Yippy: Yeah!

(They both went to Florist Kids)

Tohru: Hello! Welcome to Florist Kids! May I help you?

Yippy: I want a dress um a green dress...

Tohru: I have one specially for you...

(Tohru gets the dress with cookies for designs)


Tohru: Now that you have the dress...

Penny: Yes?

Tohru: That will be $50. I'm sorry. That's my job.

Penny:That's ok. My job is at the Freezeria downtown, so I can get the money there. Today is Payday.

Tohru: OK.

Penny: Come on, Yippy. Let's go.

Yippy: ok.

French narrator: So zey went to ze Freezeria.

Penny: I'm here for Payday, please.

Papa Louie: I'm sorry, but I don't have enough money, so I have to give you only $30.

Penny: Only $30?! I need $50!

Papa: Sorry.

Penny: Ugh.

Papa: Well, now that you are here, you can open the shop! There's a huge line at the door.

Yippy: Awww... I needed $50 for a dress and now, I have to wait even longer for it. And the school dance is tonight!

Papa: Well... that's a problem.. because... well.. the Freezeria doesn't  close until tonight...

Yippy: NO!!!!!!!!!

Papa Louie: Well, I guess you have to go home, if you are not going to order a sundae...

Yippy: ( runs home ) GRANNY OLGA!!!!

Olga: Yes?

Yippy: It was terrible! ( Tells everything that happened )

Olga: Oh my!

Yippy: So I was wondering if...

Olga: Yes?

Yippy: If you would be ever so kind to lend me $50?

Olga: $50?! Well, honey... I'm not that rich.

Yippy: Shoot.  ( sees Gremmie sleeping on the couch )

Yippy: GREMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gremmie: ( wakes with a start ) I- Oh, It's just you Yippy.

Yippy: I need $50.

Gremmie: How am I supposed to get that kind of money?! I don't have a job!

Yippy: Well, it was just a thought.

( Prudence comes through the door )

Prudence: I'm home!

Yippy: Prudence! I need $50 to buy a dress!

Prudence: Sure! Let's see... today was payday... so I have $250... So I can give you 50. ( gives Yippy a 50 dollar bill)

Yippy:YIPPY!!!!!!!!!! ( Goes to florist kids on her bike ) Hi, Tohru! I have the $50!

Tohru: Well...

Yippy: Yes?

Tohru: This girl named Rosie gave the manager 500 dollars already, so the manager couldn't say no. He gave her the dress, then she said something like, " This is bound to make Gian like me". I don't even know who Gian is!

Yippy: Rosie? You mean that new mean rich girl at school? She is so mean to me! She even pushed me in a race!

( In flashback )

Yippy: Yippy! I'm almost to the finish line!

( Rosie comes up in expensive running shoes and running gear )

Rosie: I don't think so, Yippy! ( Pushes Yippy to the side of the track )

Yippy: Ow!

Teacher: Yippy, watch where you are running! ( Rosie comes into the finish. Flashback ends. Yippy runs out of the store and comes home and dashes to her room.)

Yippy: I can't believe it! (looks at her closet door) I won't . ( looks at it again ) Nope. (one more time. ) But I must!

(at school dance. Gian is sitting on a chair. Suddenly Rosie sits on the chair beside him, and she disquised herself to look like Yippy!)

Rosie: What's wrong?

Gian: ( not looking at Rosie ) I'm waiting for Yippy.

Rosie: I'm right here!

Gian: ( now looking at Rosie ) It is you!

( Yippy, disquised as Rosie, enters )

Yippy: Hold on!

Gian: Rosie?

Yippy: Gian, it's time you learn that- ( Rosie throws a cupcake from the snack table at Yippy's face. )

Rosie: Ha ha!

Yippy: Oh, it is on. Eat this! ( Throws cookies that she always keeps in her pocket at Rosie. The food fight goes on and on until Princibal Danny came.)

Princible Danny: What is going on here?!

Rosie: It is so obvious that it is Yippy's fault!

Princible Danny: ( glares at Rosie, because  she is disquised as Yippy)

Rosie: No! No! I-I can explain!

Princible Danny: You've explained enough, Missy. ( Drags Rosie to the office )

Rosie: Nooo!! Not now! Not on the school dance!

Yippy: Look, Gian. I'm sorry for ruining the dance for you, and a bunch of other people. But what you should know is-

Gian: You two were disquised as each other?

Yippy: How did you know?

Gian: I knew from the very start. I just wanted this to be dramatic.

Yippy: O_o


Not yet (Yippy has a knife and she stabs Rosies heart and blames some else)

Now it's the end