Clover:We are going to shut down the freezeria

Sargefan!:Are you Sure?

Clover:We are going to make Jellyria


They took off the freezeria sign  and put a jellyria sign

And replaced the cups with jelly Containers

threw out blenders

They put a juice machine in

Penny:NOOO! Freezeria is Gone! they replaced it with Jellyria

Penny wakes up and so does pauly

Big pauly comes in

Pauly: penny what is it?

penny:I had a bad dream where clover and sargefan Shut down the freezeria to make jellyria

Big Pauly:Its alright you can come in my bed

Penny:ok dad

(pauly carries penny to his bedroom and into his bed and he and penny got in bed and They went to sleep)

the end