(In Peggy's Bad Dream)

Peggy telling greg

Peggy Woke A Curious Greg Up

Peggy: Hey Bull Come Over Here.

(The Bull Comes Over And Peggy Jumps On It's Back)

Peggy: Come On Bull Move Along

(A Dozen More Bulls Showed Up)

Peggy: Whee Doggies Get Along Little Doggies

(A Monster Bull Comes Out Of No Where And Starts Attacking Peggy And The Other Bulls That's When Peggy Woken Up In The Bomb Shelter)

Peggy: I Must Of Fell Asleep In The Bomb Shelter Erg The Grounds Unconfortable

(Greg Wakes Up Curious)

Greg: Peggy What Are You Doing Up In The Bomb Shelter Mrs And Mr Kay Are Having A Romantic Dream Back Here

Peggy: Sorry Greg I Must Of Dozed Off In The Bomb Shelter Or...(Sees Everyone In Town In The Bomb Shelter) Question What Are They All Doing Here And Fallow Up If I May WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

Greg: Well Remember We Were All Fourced To Go Into The Bomb Shelter?

Peggy: (Looks At Watch) It's 6:55 (Sees The Sunrise And Yawns) Anyway Good Morning Greg

(Everyone Else Wakes Up To The Sunlight)

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