Peggy: Roy vorrebbe invitarmi alla Pizza im indovinare Perché mi ama! Dovrei aiutare con la consegna della Pizza

  • Roy Squirting Hot Sauce At Peggy
  • Peggy Woken Her Family

Cooper: I don't care a single thing about your crush. People shouldn't have crushes, girls have germs. That is why I am single.

Robby: Yes you should, It is nice to help others. Cori helps me learn how ease! He is my friend!

Peggy: Fine. Mom can I go to the Pizzaria?

Mary: Sure.

Peggy walks to the Pizzeria and finds Roy and Papa.

Papa Louie: Hello Peggy!

Peggy: Hey.

Roy: Pizzas are great.

Roy eats a slice of pizza without seeming to notice Peggy.

Peggy: That is strange, Roy usually say's me hello and starts talking to me on a normal day.

Roy and Papa finish the pizza without saving one for Peggy.

Papa: I am afraid you hate pizza with olives and anchovies.

Peggy: Yeah. Hey Roy!

Roy ignores peggy.

Roy: Uncle Louie, I am gonna get something.

Papa: Ok then.

Roy: Come with me outside.

Peggy looks at Roy's eyes. They don't seem full of love. They seem ambitious and murderous like Roy's is a killer and wants to kill Peggy.

Peggy: Oh I'm not wearing my good o' hat.

Roy: Yup yur right.

Peggy: Why are you carrying a bag?

Roy: You'll see.

Roy gets a fake gold ring out.

Roy: You want it?

Peggy wanted the ring but she also saw that somethings was in Roy's other hand

Peggy: I will take it! Thank you!

Before Peggy could take the ring, Roy squirts hot sauce at her!

Peggy: Ahhh!! Hot!!! Save Me!!! roy!


* Peggy don't see anymore*

Peggy: Why do you hate me?

Roy: Hits Peggy and grabs a knife that looked similar to Maggie's gold cutting knife.

Roy: I will throw it.

The knife was thrown and hits a shocked and angry Papa. Peggy turned around.

Peggy: NOO! Papa is DEAD!!!!

Roy: I will get you this time. A silver knife similar to Mitch's was flung at Peggy.

Peggy: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Peggy wakes up with a angry Greg beside her.

Greg: You woke the family up.

Mary: Did you have a nightmare?

Peggy: Yeah, Roy squirtled on me hot sauce and make me not able to see, then, he threw a knife at me and papa.

Robby: Roy is too nice to do that.

Cooper: I agree. He is not a murderer. Anyways it is alright, try forgetting about it.

Peggy: Thanks.

(back in dream)

Roy morphs back in Derangio

Ninjoy : Did it work

Derangio : Yes it did because I, Derangio VI, have a power to be evil, it's the family tradition. I even chewed Peggy's hat that is sooooo evil.

Peggy soons gets revived by Tessero

Peggy : Thanks

*Peggy now returns able to see*

Derangio sees the real Roy

Derangio : Oh bother it's the real Roy

Peggy : Roy, you finally like me

(Peggy grabs her hat off Derangio)

Derangio : My plan failed now my parents are going to take away all my bones I was rewarded during my evil lifetime.

Roy : Hi Peggy, I brought you Pizza

Peggy : Thanks

(dream ends)

the next day...

Peggy says the second part of her dream

Everyone if not counting Peggy : we sayed that Roy would never do it, that shows that you think that he would never make it, but bad people hates you

Robby: like everyone

Peggy : can i say you that now i want to kill you

Cooper : he sayed that the bad people (like Derangio) hates almost everyone