Chefs:James and Akari

Intro:Ohe day James/Akari comes out of the pancacakeria.They start to head home when papa louie calls them."Hey, i got a deal for you. come to the pizzaria." sot they went and he said "come with me" and goes to the location of the restaraunt"here you go. your`e the new chef. see ya"and the are confident.

Tutarial people:Zoe and Robby

Absent people:None

New people:Devin,Addison,Gary,Jake,Jo,Scott


Know how: take order,grill pretzel(they are all soft pretzels)put toppings

unlockable stations:snack station

snacks:pototo chips,cheese puffs,hot cheetoes, fruit snacks, PAPAS chips

sizes of pretzel;small, medium,hungry,large