Papa Pets is a game relased on August 11.


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Pets you can choose

  • Normal Dog (Start) (Colors: White, Brown, Gray (Unlock for 10 coins.))
  • Normal Cat (Start) (Colors: White, Brown, Yellow, Gold (Unlock for 15 coins.))
  • Fish (Start) (Colors: Orange, Gold (Unlock for 15 coins.))
  • Pig (Level 1) (Colors: Pink, Brown, Soft Red (Unlock for 15 coins.))
  • Bird (Level 5) (Colors: Blue, Black, Green (Unlock for 10 coins), Dark Blue (Unlock for 10 coins.))


Vip Pets

Peacock (Level VIP 20) (Cost: 1500 Coins.) (Colors: Blue, Diamond Blue (Unlock for 3 diamonds), Gold (Unlock for 15 coins)

VIP features

  • More than 1500 hings to buy!
  • More EXP!
  • Earn money and diamonds faster!
  • No ads!
  • More pets!
  • More colors!
  • A VIP zone!