ERMAHGERD!! I jsut absotlutely want this!!

The setting takes place somewhere in flipverse called the Flipline Forum in July 2013. Many morons/tootsicles attack1!  You have to rescue the forumers while playing as Matt or Tony!!! 

Level 1-Rescue D-Walker. D-Walker is your main mod you can play as. 

Level 2-Rescue abcd. Abcd will be your assistant, explaining you of the bad baddies.

Level 3-Rescue Adam-Adam has bombs as his attack and he is very hyper and faster than the other forumers

Some of the Baddies

25 players- Player25 is a moron in the forum. Her baddie form is 25 smileys of exclamation marks (her favorite symbols). They are the similarist to party subs. 

Pickle Beasts- Based off of pickleric, they will attack simlarly to pepper jacks.

Hacksicles-They are baddies holding a computer with complicated codes and then they smack you with it like a melee style. They are based off of Moh/TAD

Pickleric: The final boss in WMA. Defeat him and you will rescue